Why We Shouldn’t Be Getting So Hung Up On Instagram

Why We Shouldn’t Be Getting So Hung Up On Instagram

The dreaded Instagram topic. What used to be a fairly causal platform where you’d simply post a photo with the Nashville filter and be done with it. Instagram influencers weren’t yet a thing. And blogger drama because of the platform was totally unheard of. It’s safe to say Instagram has become the lifeblood for the [...]

How To Organically Grow Your Following

With more and more people joining social media everyday to promote themselves, it’s very easy to get lost within these platforms. Trying to organically grow your following is a very hard task, particularly with new algorithms, and social media users going up and up every day. I thought that I would share with you some [...]

How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm

In March 2016, Instagram made the most unpopular change to its app; it changed the beloved chronological ordering, to most popular or relevant appearing at the top of your feed; following in the steps of Facebook. This caused uproar within basically the whole of the Instagram community, particularly the ones who previously used Instagram as [...]