Why I’ve Stopped Apologising

I think as a generation, we are all guilty of apologising for things that are completely out of our control and things that we just shouldn’t be saying sorry for. I can’t be the only one who has said sorry after someone has walked into me when out in public before? Or apologising turning up [...]

For The Love of…The Caption

There’s a tonne of pressure in the “instagram world’, come to think of it, there’s a lot of encumbrance in the social media world as a whole. From building an authentic following, to getting that perfect action shot of you walking toward the camera and letting your food go cold all in the name of [...]

How to Celebrate Galentines Day this Year…

How to Celebrate Galentines Day this Year…

That’s right, thanks to Leslie Knope, Galentines day is an internationally recognised event, which takes place the day before actual valentines’ day (It’s not all about the happy couples)! A day solely dedicated to spending time with your best girlfriends, rejoicing your friendships and relishing the relationships. Here are a few ideas on how you [...]