Red Trousers and Killer Queen

Red Trousers and Killer Queen

Grab a cuppa, you’re all in for a rambley, all over the place blog.

A little bit of a catch up, look back at October, goals for November, and also talking about the iconic film that goes by the name of Bohemian Rhapsody, which I need to quickly add, is incredible.


October has been a bit of an all over the place month for me, good nonetheless. I’ve just been rushed off my feet with about a million and one jobs, deadlines and university projects. I started back at university at the start of October and let me tell you they have thrown us in at the deep end; a lovely way to start of second year. A ball of stress, but hey ho, whats new. I’ve been loving university since being back – if you’ve been a reader for a while, you’ll know that in March I had full intentions of dropping out, but boy am I glad I didn’t. I’ve changed and grown so much as a person since then (cringe), however it’s resulted in me having a lot more confidence in myself and also a bit more self belief, shock, I never thought the day would come.

I wanted to briefly touch upon my mental health here too, because since moving back to university, I have been so much better mentally. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a fair few days where I’ve literally had to drag myself out of bed to face the day, still got through them though didn’t I! I’ve learnt a lot of coping mechanisms lately – it’s really helping me stay on top of things, as a result my mental health has been fairly stable recently, can I get a woo yah.


I also got the chance to take a trip to London this month, which I don’t often get the opportunity to do. I had a brilliant time wandering round all the high end department stores, pretending I’m rich enough to be walking around Liberty’s, I’m not. The outfit that I opted for, was possibly the most blogger-esc outfit, you ever did see, but was also my favourite outfit of this month. These red trousers, have sat in my wardrobe for the longest time, and this month I finally grew a pair of balls and wore them out, and rocked them, even if I do say so myself. Paired with a basic white jumper, classic converse (of course), with my blogger look being topped off with a baker boy hat. I’ve never felt more like an art student and blogger in all my life, loved every second of it though. These red trousers will definitely be getting a lot more wear!


Alongside my to do list for university – which is as long as my arm, I’ve also been balancing my Blog/YouTube, and working for Leicester Media Productions and DMU Vloggers. Admittedly I couldn’t tell you how the f I’m managing it all, but here I am, somehow coping. These past couple of months my social medias have really taken off, it’s incredibly rewarding to see how much my hard work is paying off. Media has also recently become a very big interest of mine, so much so, I’m potentially looking at doing my placement year in this field, exciting times!

Last weekend my parents came to visit me in Leicester, being from Brighton, I don’t often get to see them when I’m studying, so I had a lovely weekend with them both, drinking too much gin, eating too much food, and having lots of laughs. Alongside lots of shopping, my parents and I took a trip to the cinema to see Bohemian Rhapsody. Now, before last Saturday, I hadn’t ever really listened to Queen (don’t come at me), I just associate them with singing ‘We Are The Champions’ and that just takes me back to sports day at school as the winners would always sing that, days I’ve tried my best to block out my memory, I guess you could say sports day was never really my thing and I’m a massive sore loser. Anyway, I digress. What I wanted to say, was that even if you’ve never shown much of an interest in Queen, you need to go and see this film. Like, need to. I was in tears, yet was just in awe of the band. And how fucking cool is Freddie Mercury.   No word of a lie, Queen have been on repeat in my headphones for the past 4 days, and you know what I have no shame. Just 20 years late to the party.


I’ve just re-read this post and my god is it all over the place, it was one of those evenings where I had a million and one things I wanted to write about, so chucked it all in one post. Anyway, I thought I’d finish this post off with some November goals. Starting with getting my butt into gear and applying for more placements. I’ve not been great at this, primarily because I get to scared to apply for them, but this month I will knuckle down, I promise. With it being November, I’ll also be spending the month drafting up Christmas content for my channels, as, fingers crossed, I’m really hoping to do Blogmas this year, so the festivities have already begun for me. Please tell me I’m not the only blogger that cant create festive content without being in full on Christmas mode? Alexa, play Fairytale of New York.

All my love,

Han xx


6 City Breaks on my Bucket List

It’t been a very long while since I have done any sort of travel post, mainly because the most exotic place I have travelled to since being back at university is the cultural quarter in town.

With my second year of university being in full swing (I mean drowning in work, wanting to cry but not even having time for that), it’s got me thinking how I would really like to do a bit of travelling after all this hard work, whether it would be in the summer of next year or after I’ve completed my degree. Slightly optimistic that, seeing as come 2020 when I’m freshly graduated, I’ll be in approximately £45,000 of debt, but lets not think about that…

I’ve always loved being in the city, which is odd considering I’ve been bought up in seaside towns, but I’ve always felt more at home in cities, I think it’s the busyness of them, how there’s always something to do – you can never get bored. I’ve complied a list of European cities that I’d love to travel to over the next few years; travelling buddies welcome, as of course I’ll need assistance with blog photos…

We’ll start with Amsterdam, I feel like this is the most typical European city that most youngsters visit. Where as a fair few of people that I know have gone to legally smoke the green stuff (Why pay to go to Amsterdam to do it when they do it at the local skate park every night anyway??? Logic). Anyway, ever since watching The Fault In Our Stars a few years ago – a film I’m still not emotionally recovered from, I’ve always wanted to visit. Also, apparently the cafes in Amsterdam have some of the best foods, whats not to like!


Another very typical European city on my bucket list, Paris. I’ve been to France before, but I’ve never had the chance to visit Paris itself, I would say that this is at the top of my bucket list, it looks like such a beautiful place – need I add that the Parisians fashion is one that I’ve always been inspired by! I’ve also always wanted to go up the Eiffel Tower, imagine the views!


Barcelona, this is where you’ll notice my Geography is kind of  very shocking, because I won’t lie, I’m not entirely sure where Barcelona is, I mean I think it’s in Spain? But I could be wrong. Either way, my friend visited here a few months ago, and the pictures that she got were so amazing, it looks like such a vibrant city!


I’m not sure if Santorini is classed as a city, so apologies if it isn’t actually a city. I think Santorini is the most blogger-esc place on my bucket list, all white everything, stunning blue sea, IMAGINE THE INSTAGRAM PHOTOS! I’ve watched so many amazing travel vlogs of Santorini and each one makes me want to visit it even more!


Berlin has been somewhere that I’ve actually had the opportunity to go and visit a few times, and I’m now kicking myself as I never did take the opportunity! As far as I am aware, Berlin is full of interesting history and museums, I think it would be one of the more eye opening trips.


I’ll save the best until last, Venice. I have always wanted to visit Venice, and I mean always. It looks like such a stunning place and I honestly don’t think I would ever get bored of it. It would be my dream to sail down the river in a Gondola (You know those boat type things, I think that’s what they’re called??). Italy as a whole is a country that has always been on my bucket list anyway, mainly because of the pizza and pasta I would experience while out there (I’m a self confessed pizza whore), also the culture of course, but mainly the food, shock.


Traveling has been something that I have wanted to do for a while now, but finding the money and time is particularly hard, I’m hoping that in the future I can gradually start to cross these places of my list!

What cities are on your travel bucket list?

All my love,

Han xx

Fashion Students Take On London

Fashion Students Take On London

Considering I’ve been to London countless times, I still act like such a tourist whenever I visit and visiting with my university friends, was no exception. Theres’s just something about London that makes me so happy, a place that I can definitely see myself working in one day!

Anyway, as I mentioned in a recent post, I’ve just started a new project at university, so apart from the countless lectures, seminars and practicals, we also have a few pretty cool research trips thrown in there too, London was one of them.


In all honesty, the trip was a bit unorganised, a bit all over the place and a little bit of a flop. So my day began with the dreaded 3 hour coach journey to London, which half an hour into I needed a wee and I was hungry, shock. After a somewhat bearable trip down, my group of knitters (aka 80 year olds that are actually only 19) took a trip down to Hand Weavers (this was basically the whole point of the trip, to go to one shop…). After forking out for a tube ticket an expense I hadn’t prepared for, I headed down to hand weavers and in all honesty, it wasn’t a completely wasted trip as it did allow me to do a bit of research on different yarns. That being said, I couldn’t buy any, because tell me which student has £90 to spend on one cone of yarn…not me thats for sure.

So our trip up to hand weavers was short lived and took us up to about 1PM, where I was starting to get very hangry and annoyed because all the yarns I wanted were way out of my budget, so I headed back to Oxford Circus, empty handed, but still adamant that I’d make this trip of use and worth while, which I did!

London is the perfect place for fashion inspiration, the sort of place where anything goes, and I mean anything – I think thats why I love it so much, it’s a fashion students dream. So with all the massive department stores being within walking distance of each other, we did a round trip of them all, Libertys, Selfridges and Harrods, which all proved to be of great benefit. Although, I am no where near posh enough to shop in any of these, all of their knitwear fashion ranges gave me the fuel and inspiration I needed to really get cracking with this project. There will be another post up within the next week about all the fashion-esc inspiration I found and drooled over, wishing I wasn’t a broke student. Also, they all had their Christmas decorations out; I had to be physically restrained from buying all the decorations and singing Fairy Tale of New York at the top of my lungs, apparently the people of Selfridges don’t really appreciate that?? Rude.


Of course my trip to Libertys wouldn’t be complete without an obligatory picture in front of the flowers, I couldn’t have looked more blogger if I tried! Stood in my baker boy hat and red trousers, it screamed I’m an art student and you know what, I bloomin’ loved it! Going onto my outfit, I’ve had these trousers for almost 2 years now and I’ve probably only worn them a handful of times, I honestly couldn’t tell you why, look how gorgeous they are! Paired with my new favourite jumper from Femme Luxury, converse and a baker boy hat, I definitely looked very…fashion!


Anyway, I did manage to turn what was looking to be a not so successful trip into a fairly successful one, with a crap tonne of new primary imagery and any art student will know the importance of this, it is literally drilled into us everyday! Like I said previously, there will be a post within the next week or so talking all things fashion knitwear of the garments that really caught my eye in the big city!

All my love,

Han xx

Practicing Self Care

Practicing Self Care

Sort of… 

As you can guess, this post is about to be me banging on about self care, but I felt obliged to say ‘sort of’ because in all honestly I get so caught up in life, most the time I’m pretty very crap at practicing self care.

As I’m writing this, World Mental Health Day 2018 has just been and gone. Controversial opinion, but I think this is a load of rubbish. Mental health is something that should be addressed every day of the year. However, it’s always amusing to sit back and watch people who would never even dream about addressing mental health, all of a sudden become experts in the matter.

Anyway, I digress. 

What I wanted to write about is how basically mental health and self care go hand in hand together. The more you look after yourself and wellbeing, the better your mental health (pretty much just common sense, I’m sure). But like I mention previously, so many of us get so caught up in general life stuff that we forget to take time for ourselves – I’m particularly guilty of this. I spend every waking hour working; whether that be university related, blog related, YouTube related, whatever it is, I never take time for myself.

However on the rare occurrence that I do chuck a face mask on, put on some crappy comedy (probably Friends, shock) and take out some time for me, I really do notice the positive effect it has on me mentally. Self care doesn’t have to be hard, sometimes it isn’t running a hot bath and pampering yourself. Sometimes it just taking the time to make a good dinner and get an early night. I thought I’d share my top self care habits (mainly for me to look back on and put into practice when I’m tearing my hair out due to stress and my anxiety is sky high), but also for those who forget how easy (yet important it is)


Don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you to wake up at 5:30am and go for a 10k (however that is my version of self care when it comes to exercise). I mean just get up and get active. Intelligent Han is about to come out here (don’t get used to it), but exercise releases ‘happy endorphins‘, the same chemicals in some anti-depressants, so there’s a direct corraletion between exercise and happiness levels. Even if you just get up and walk around for 10 minutes while on your break, you’ll feel better for it.

Get Up, Get Dressed 

Admittedly when I used to have particularly bad days (ya know, the ones where I didn’t want to leave my bed, spend the whole day sobbing? Those ones) I would stay in my jim jams, no make up, basically look like a homeless person on drugs, it wasn’t a pretty sight. But as soon as I started forcing myself to get out of bed, take a shower, put some actual clothes on (I don’t care how comfy your tracks are) and make an effort with my appearance I always felt so much better for it.

Eat Well 

Eating well is something that I have only just mastered, yes, yes it has taken me 19 years to master this. But eating well, for me is a form of self care. Getting in all of my fruit and veggies, and not starving myself is a big thing for me. For someone who restricted for so long, I’m definitely making up for it now, give me all the carbs!!!

Make Time For YOU

Admittedly, I feel like a wee bit of a hypocrite writing this because I some how never find the time for this. But I cannot preach enough about how important it is to take time for yourself. Take yourself away from work, your blog, your social medias. Run a bath, put a facemask on and read a book. Take time to relax and destress. You cannot get through life without having you time, you’ll burn yourself out. Shock, I’m known for doing this – I need a reminder set to chill out sometimes.

Get Fresh Air 

Living with anxiety, means somedays I’d rather just sit in my flat all day, not face leaving or seeing anyone. But every time I feel this way, I challenge myself. Force myself to go out, get a few lungfuls of fresh air. Even if it’s just a 5 minute blast, its better than sitting cooped up in the same little room all day.

I swear by all of these little self care tips when it comes to looking after my mental well-being. To be completely honest, I’ve been doing great recently – I don’t want to jinx it though. However great I’m doing though, I still know how important it is to continue to take care of myself.

What are your self care tips?

All my love,

Han xx

A Look Back At Summer 2018

Although Autumn is well and truly here, I’m still trying to grip onto the last of summer. I absolutely hate the cooler months, there’s nothing appealing about colder and darker days, no thank you. Summer 2018 was probably one of my best ones yet, I had some fab experiences and met some lovely people along the way, so I though with the season slowly slipping away I’d compile my best memories from summer 2018, because I think it was one to remember.

I’ll start with Truck Festival, the only festival I attended this year – note to self, attend more next year! I had an absolute blast at Truck – I got early bird tickets this year, which meant that come the Monday I’ve never needed a shower more, and my hair was extremely gross, but it was the best time. I spent the 4 days with a group of my friends, then of course like you do at most festivals we made pals with the surrounding camps ending up with a huge group of us day drinking and singing at the top of our lungs! The weather was on our side and I also got to see a load of my favourite bands. Not to mention the endless amounts of glitter and highlight I got to use, I was in my absolute element.

The last 2 weeks of ‘summer holidays’ I spent in Devon with my family, our first family holiday in about 3 years. With Devon being one of my favourite places ever, I didn’t want to leave come the end of August, even despite the crappy weather! I did keep up to date with blog posts while I was there chatting about what I was up to, so if you’re interested, you can find them here!

Typical 19 year old thing to enjoy, but this summer I finally started going on a lot more nights out. When I turned 18 I kind of missed out on the whole clubbing thing, mainly because of my anxiety and I had also recently got into a relationship. But come summer, I was overcoming my anxiety day by day (something I’m immensely proud of) and also I was out of that relationship…soooo summer 2018 consisted of many nights out in which I proper enjoyed myself. I never thought I’d be one for going out a lot and being mega social, but this year after overcoming a lot of my mental health struggles, I pretty much feel like a new person when it comes to going out!

When I came back from university in March, I also got myself a new job, working as a waitress in a restaurant and I bet it’s not often you hear people say this about their part time work, but I bloody loved it. I met some of the best people, made friends for life, and actually enjoyed myself whilst doing it! Granted I did smash a few things, drop a few drinks and I’m pretty sure I’ve dropped a whole plate of food as well, but that’s no shock to anyone!

This is a bit of a cringe one, but this summer I’ve finally felt happier again. Over the past year I really struggled with my mental health with there being some days that I literally saw no light, but long and behold a few months down the line I’ve never been happier. I can honestly say, hand on my heart that as it stands at the moment, I’m happier than I’ve been in a very long time. So if anything thats my highlight of this summer!

Lastly, moving back to Leicester. If you have been following my blog for a while now, you will know that I attend university in Leicester, but at the beginning of the year I had decided I wasn’t going back (it’s a long story, you can read a post on in here) but long and behold, I came back. I’m so proud of myself for doing so as well, I knew deep down I was destined to be at university studying what I love, I just needed to realise that!

Anyway that concludes summer 2018, I’ve had the best time and I’ve really noticed a difference in myself and how much I’ve changed over the past few months. I have high hopes for the rest of 2018 and 2019 of course!

What have been your best highlights of summer??

All my love,

Han xx

Autumn/Winter Bucket List 2018

After the hottest summer on record, the weather is finally starting to take a slightly cooler turn – which I’m not too happy about as I love summer and hot weather. But in light of keeping positive and making the most of the colder months, I’ve complied some things that I can’t wait to do throughout autumn and winter (mainly to try and get me somewhat excited for the colder weather; incase you couldn’t tell, I’m not).


  1. Ice Skating. I absolutely love ice skating and its the one thing that I wish I had picked up as a child. I’m so in awe of anyone who can figure skate, but unfortunately there isn’t an ice rink near me to even attempt to learn. So I just stick to going to the little pop up ice rinks in either Brighton or Leicester and spending most of the hour slot looking like Bambi on ice – it’s quite amusing to watch, I always have such a laugh when I go with my friends or family.
  2. Pumpkin carving. This is something that will forever remind me of being a child. I can’t say that I am the best at carving pumpkins because I’m slightly very cack handed. Although, that being said, I won the pumpkin carving competition between my flat mates last year; is that an acceptable achievement for the CV?
  3. Long walks. On the days that I’m not training, I still like to get out and get active normally by going for long walks, but I enjoy these all the more in winter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m much more of a summer lover, but when it comes to exercising in either 20 degree heat, or 8 degrees, I know which one I’d rather. I also love the colours around me during autumn, which is much more appreciated when I get myself out for walks.IMG_0077
  4. Christmas movies. I normally hate sitting down and watching movies, I get very easily distracted, that or either I fall asleep. But Christmas movies are my absolute fave and I cannot wait to snuggle up in my duvet with a hot chocolate and watch Christmas with the Kranks for the 74362648th time! Lowkey not even ashamed that I could probably recite that film word for word.
  5. Bonfire night. This is an odd one for me, because anyone who knows me will know that I am absolutely petrified of loud noises – like I won’t even be in the same room as a balloon, still cover my ears when sirens go past, that kind of scared. So I have never properly been to a fireworks display; you can guess that probably would be my worst nightmare. But when I attended truck festival a couple of months ago, The Courteeners finished their set with fireworks – with them being my favourite band I straight up refused to cover my ears and panic, and just embrace it. Therefore I’m absolutely buzzing to test my fear again and go to a firework display in November! IMG_0346
  6. Decorating. I have to be careful when it comes to decorating in my flat, because the rules of halls tend to be quite strict, but I am so excited to get some taky af tinsel, drape it all around the living room and kitchen while I have Mariah Cary on full blast and force the festivities onto my flatmates. I’m sure they’ll all love me.
  7. Christmas markets. I absolutely love Christmas time, and Christmas markets are some of my favourite things to go to. I went to one in Lincoln with my friends last year and it was so cute, I had the time of my life. But this year I want to try and go to some more, I’ve heard that the ones in Birmingham are always good, but if any of you have any suggestions about good Christmas markets, be sure to tell me! IMG_0593

I’m desperately trying to get myself somewhat excited for the colder months, but its proving a struggle, I’m just hoping this list of things will keep me going! What are you most excited about for autumn/winter?!

All my love,

Han xx



Ultimate Fake Tanning Routine

Ultimate Fake Tanning Routine

It’s no secret I’m a lover of fake tan, ever since my first spray tan for a beauty pageant when I was 13, I’ve been hooked. I have a very pale complexion – think Casper the ghost pale – and fake tan is sort of like my make up I guess, definitely my personal confidence booster.

It’s not uncommon to see beautifully bronzed models on Instagram and be envious of their lovely golden glow. Although there are a million and one ways of achieving this lovely glow, some of them aren’t as safe as others. For example sitting in the sun with no SPF on to catch a tan is probably the worst mistake you can make. Although you’ll look lovely and golden for a few weeks, its extremely damaging to your skin in the long run. Theres also sun beds, dont even get me started on these, in my eyes your just ruining your skin, the one thing you can’t really change about yourself – so why damage it? Therefore, fake tan, I believe is the most safest, not to mention quickest, way to fake tan.


Over the years I’ve had my fair share of tanning disasters, Oompa Loompa hands; Oompa Loompa face for that too, patchy tan, streaky tan, orange eyebrows, you name the disaster, I’ve probably been through it. But I’d like to think that me experiencing these, nightmares (not to exaggerate but waking up orange is my worst nightmare), means that other people won’t have to. So in this blog post I’ll be sharing my best ways to prep, apply and maintain a healthy looking glow.

Before I go onto the products I use, it’s so so important to prep your skin before hand, particularly if you want an even tan that will also last. The day before I’m scheduled to tan (yes it is scheduled), I have that bath, full body shave, exfoliate, scrub every last dead skin cell away and leave the bath feeling like a new woman – also important to use a nice rich moisturiser after to make sure your skin is as soft as possible. I normally reach for my vitamin E scrub, with a scrubbing mitt, then onto a Body Shop moisturiser.

A lot of people tend to shave/exfoliate the day/evening of when they tan. But I have always been told it is best to do this they day before, from the professionals, so this is what I go by and it always seems to work. The evening of the big event, I tend to jump in the shower, make sure my skin is clean, then apply a thin layer of light moisturiser. This is quite important because you want to put something on your skin that is absorbed quickly and isn’t too think – if you apply tan onto skin that has moisturiser on that hasn’t soaked in, chances are it won’t set.

Moving on to the exciting part. So, I’ve tried so many tanning products over the past few years, and if I’m completely honest most of them have served me well – the only ones that have never served me well, are gradual tanning moisturisers, I always steer well clear of these, unless I want to wake up looking like I’ve rolled in wotsits. After lots of trial and error I have found my 2 go to tans, I like to call one my pre student loan tan, and one my post student loan tan.


We’ll start with my pre student loan tan. Basically my cheaper option. If I don’t want to pick up a more expensive tan, I always go for the St Moritz dark tan, it is a brilliant dupe for Bondi sands tan – colour wise, its exactly the same. It’s brilliant for a quick fix dark tan, the only thing that I don’t majorly rate about the St Moritz is that it doesn’t seem to last that long on my skin – I’m still not entirely sure why this is, but for the price, its absolutely amazing.

Now moving onto my post student loan tan. Or, just the slightly more expensive tan. The Bondi Sands dark, or ultra dark – is my holy grail tan, it gives me the perfect colour, and lasts a long time. Being a gym bunny, this means I tend to shower twice a day, so finding a tan that doesn’t come off within a couple of days proved fairly difficult, but I have to say this one withstands the test.

When it comes to application of the tan, I always make sure I’m in a naturally well lit area, with a full length mirror. I’ve tried tanning without a mirror before (like some odd challenge) but it’s never ended well. I apply from my legs upwards in circular motions, doing my knees, elbows and ankles very lightly – these are the areas that tan tends to cling to, giving you the uneven look no one wants. Before I wait for my tan to dry, I just have a quick look in the mirror, do some weird body contortion moves just to make sure I’ve not missed any areas.

I’ll quickly touch upon my face, because no amount of tanning experience will ever give me the confidence to tan my face straight from the bottle. Therefore I use the St Tropez dark face tan, which comes out like a moisturiser, and I personally find so much easier to apply to my face. I just squeeze a pea size amount onto my hand, then apply to my face in circular motions. I find this gives me the perfect sun kissed look on my face, looking like I’ve spent the week on Morocco, shock, I haven’t.

Now onto the bit that took me ages to perfect which is maintaining my tan. Having a tan that lasts, is partly down to the quality of the tan you get, you get what you pay for. I’ve found the more expensive the tan, the longer it tends to last. But along the way I’ve found some little tips that really do help maintain your tan. Moisturiser is you best friend. Every time you get out the shower, moisturise like theres no tomorrow – not only will it make your skin silky smooth, but I’ve also found that it really does help your tan last, and will really help to prevent your tan going patchy, that tiger bread look isn’t a good look on anyone. Also, when leaving the shower, pat yourself dry with the towel. This is something I always have to remind myself because I tend to just use a towel like any normal person, but after taking a little bit more time to just pat yourself dry, this will prevent your tan being scrubbed off.

Hope you have enjoyed this little tanning guide and some of my top tips. If you’re new to fake tanning, I hate to be the barer of bad news but you probably aren’t going to be a fake tan whizz over night. It will take some practice, a couple of patchy jobs, and maybe one morning waking up looking like an Oompa Loompa – but practice makes perfect! If you’re a fake tan addict like myself, what are your favourite tanning products that you would recommend?!

All my love,

Han xx