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5 Running Truths


I’ve been running for edging on 2 years now, which is crazy. But over the past 2 years I have acquired a lot of knowledge about running and the general fitness industry, so I thought that I would share with you some of the running truths that I wish I had known before picking up the sport!


I have heard a lot of people say that running is more about your mentality and attitude than it is about your actual fitness, and I 100% agree with this! If you have a good mentality, and believe that you have the potential to be a good runner, then you will be!


It’s gross I know, but once you have been running for a while, you will eventually experience having horrible blistered feet. When I began running, I didn’t know that you had to buy trainers between 1-1.5 sizes bigger than your actual shoe size, thus resulting in me completely destroying my nail beds. It sounds gross, and it is, don’t let this put you off though.


Like anything in life, there will always be some one better than you, and the same goes for running. But don’t let this dishearten you. I’m a very competitive person, so when I joined my running club and wasn’t the fastest, instead of getting annoyed at myself, I used it to my advantage and used it to push myself to become a better and faster runner.


The only way you will run that extra mile or shave that extra minute off is if you work harder. Some people are all to keen to stop doing something when they don’t see the results they desire, most of the time this is because they aren’t pushing themselves. Once you get past the barrier of being uncomfortable, and you start pushing that extra bit harder, you will be amazed at the difference that it makes.


I have quite an obsessive personality, which is both a blessing and a curse. But one thing I get very hooked up upon is my training regime, if I miss a run or training session, I tend to get VERY grouchy and moody, because I think that I will have lost all of my fitness/stamina from missing that run; which we all know isn’t true. It’s important to not get too hooked up on your training and realise that its okay to miss a run, it wont make a difference.

I feel like my blog has recently taken a very different turn and I’ve been writing a lot about running, and fitness, I’m thoroughly enjoying it and I hope you are too! Running isn’t for everyone, and this post may not be for you, despite this, I think that all of these points can be applied to any sport or fitness program!

I hope to see you all in my next post!

All my love,

Han xx

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Is Green Tea Really Good For You?

I’m sure you’ve heard multiple people say it before, but green tea is one of the healthiest drinks around. It has multiple powerful antioxidants and nutrients that have amazing effects on the human body – such as improving brain function, increasing your metabolic rate, and even lowering your risk of multiple diseases.

I’ve been hooked on drinking green tea for a good 6 months now, I’m so glad I discovered it. It always helps to wake me up, start my metabolism, and get going for the productive day ahead. I’ve done my fair share of looking into whether green tea is actually as healthy as claimed, and I think after plenty of research and trying it out myself, I can answer, that yes, it is. I’ve tried to condense my research into 5 key health benefits for you.

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 14.03.47.png


Green tea is know to have multiple bioactive compounds and powerful antioxidants like flavonoids and catechins which protect the cells within your body from damage. These powerful antioxidants are also known to help reduce the signs of aging, which I’m sure everyone wants to put off for as long as possible.


Green tea contains caffeine, which I wasn’t aware of until I began researching it. Being someone who hates coffee, finding another way to try and get some caffeine in me to wake me up was always hard, until I found green tea. Although green tea doesn’t contain as much caffeine as coffee, it contains just the right amount to have an effect, but not make you jittery. Not only this, but it contains essential amino acids, that are proven to improve brain function.


Green tea is well known for helping to boost your metabolic rate, eventually leading to helping you to lose weight. Although this does depend on the person, as metabolism is different for everyone. It is also known for particularly helping to shift fat from around the abdomen.


Its powerful little antioxidants are also known to help reduce the risks of various diseases, including cardiovascular disease, heart disease and also stroke. This is due to it helping to lower cholesterol and protecting LDL from oxidation, which is the leading cause of heart disease.


Green tea helps to kill of bacteria, which essentially leads to your risk of infection being greatly lowered. I’m not saying that green tea is a miracle worker and you’ll never be ill again, but your chances are lowered dramatically!

I could go on about the benefits of green tea forever, but I wont because I’m sure you will all get bored! Basically everyone needs to drink green tea and we’ll all live-forever, that’s the gist I get!

All my love,

Han xx

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How To Get Your Dream Abs


Being part of the fitness community, a phrase that is constantly thrown around is ‘are abs made in the kitchen’, with it constantly being asked I thought I would explore the question and answer it. So are abs made in the kitchen? Speaking from personal experience, yes they are!

I’ve always been very body conscious, always paranoid that my body wasn’t perfect (in society’s eyes), something that I had always wanted were rock hard abs, but for many years struggled to get any definition around my stomach, and constantly wondered why, the answer was my diet.

I regularly took part in exercise, also did a lot of core strengthening exercises, but when I wasn’t seeing any results, I began to question myself why, I thought I was doing everything right. But no, after taking up running last year, and properly getting into fitness, I found out that in order to get these rock hard slab abs that I wanted, I was going to have to change up my diet. I started to train doing cardio religiously 4 times a week, whilst throwing in strengthening exercises at leas 3 times a week also. I started to make healthier choices, cut out unhealthy fats, and unnecessary sugar, eating cleaner, fresh food, then long and behold, I finally started to get that definition I had been craving for so long. Maintaining a healthy balanced diet is key when it comes to toning up and losing weight, notice the word balanced, its okay to indulge sometimes, just as long as the majority of the time you are eating a healthy diet; I’d also like to add cutting out particular food groups will do no good for your figure, no matter the wonders you’ve heard they work. You’re body needs carbs and fats just as much as it needs the healthy stuff, just in smaller quantities, so there is no need to cut food groups out entirely, it’ll do more damage than good.



Abs are 100% made in the kitchen, as is any diet to be honest. You can’t expect to go to the gym 4 times a week, still eat like rubbish and expect to be ripped; unfortunately that’s not how it works. Exercise and dieting go hand in hand together, if you have a healthy diet alongside regular exercise this is when you will notice the biggest difference. You want to have a diet made up of carbohydrates, fruit & veg, protein, healthy fats and a small amount of sugar, its important to get in all of the food groups for optimum results.


This is one of my most important tips. If you’ve been spending hours trying to get abs just through ab workouts and its just not working in your favor, that’s because you aren’t mixing it up with cardio. In order for the strength training aspect to work you need to be throwing in some cardio within your workouts as well; as this is what will help to burn fat, the strength training is what will build the muscle and tone you up.


Again this goes for any weightloss diet. You’re tired of hearing it, I know, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, its what starts up your metabolism, and sets it up for the day. By not skipping meals, you are forcing your metabolism to be constantly active, essentially making it work a lot faster, and a faster metabolic rate, means that you will be burning off food quicker.


I’m not talking about cutting out booze completely, just cutting back, everything in moderation. Alcohol, especially beer and cocktails aren’t going to do your abs any justice so cutting down on them will work wonders. Also, water should be your best friend. Water is the key to any good diet, keeping hydrated has so many benefits, along with helping food to digest, it also helps reduce bloating.


We’ve all heard that term, go hard or go home, right? When it comes to the gym, that’s when this phrase should be put into practice. I know all too many girls that will go along to the gym, spend 10 minutes on the cross trainer, then 20 minutes doing 10 reps of 5kg, then spend more time trying to take the perfect Instagram picture thank they do training. Don’t be that person. Go to the gym to train hard, personally I’m not a massive gym lover, I’m a runner, and I go hard when I train. Believe me you will feel so much better for training harder than you will if you only do the workout half arced.

Abs take time, its not an overnight process, and I’m still miles from where I want to be, but following these tips, and improving your diet, I can assure you will have you well on the way to getting those dream abs.

All my love,

Han xx

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5 Tips for Beginner Runners

I picked up running when I was going through a bit of a rough patch with my mental health, and boy am I glad I did, I’ve never looked back since. A year and a half ago I never imagined that I would be running 10k races in sub 50 minutes, yet here I am with times that keep getting better and better. Not only is running amazing for you physical health (my figure has never looked so good), but it has benefited me mentally also, had I not took up running, my mental health wouldn’t have improved nearly as much as it has done.

I think that I have been running long enough now, to share with you some of my tips if you were thinking of picking up a new sport.


Get Kitted Up

Running is one of the cheapest sports you will ever come across, no 12-month membership, or weekly class payments. So treat yourself to some funky running gear. Although, I would advise not to spend too much right away, as running isn’t for everyone, you may hate it, and then be left with fitness attire that you wont wear. Important advice for your health though, is to make sure that you have a good pair of running shoes. Running puts a lot of strain on your knees, so you want a good quality pair of shoes that are going to support this.

Set a Goal

When I first began running I set myself a realistic goal that I wanted to be able to run 10k in 8 weeks. I found that by setting myself a fitness goal, I was able to stay motivated, and continue to train on the days that I may not have felt so up for doing so. It is so important that you set yourself a realistic goal, which is different for everyone. I would advise to start with 5k, if you haven’t ever done much exercise, but if your fitness is slightly better, why not make that goal slightly higher.


Find Yourself a Good Playlist

On the mornings that you really think you can’t drag yourself out of bed to go for a run (because we all get days like that), this is when a good playlist comes in handy. I’m so much more motivated to go running when I have some upbeat music to listen to. I tend to just stick to the pre-made cardio playlists on Apple music, but by all means make a custom one, if you know that’s what’s going to get you going!

Eat Well

I won’t lie, I really struggle to eat properly (99% sure this stems from my anxiety), but it is so important that you fuel your body properly with the right nutrients to run better. On the days that I don’t eat a lot at all, I find running so much harder, and I tire a lot quicker. It’s also key to make sure that you are eating the right sorts of foods, getting all of the food groups incorporated into your diet, especially carbs and protein, runners swear by carbs. I don’t believe in cutting out particular food groups to lose weight/get fitter, it won’t work, I can guarantee.

Push Through the Uncomfortable Bits

The only way you’re going to improve, is if you continue to push through the stage where your breathing is all over the place and your legs feel like jelly. Once you get over the fact you’re going to be uncomfortable, you will run a lot harder, and be more inclined to push yourself more, as you’ll see results quicker.


Running is my little way of escaping from what’s going on for a while; I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it. I would recommend anyone and everyone to give it a go; it doesn’t have to be competitively, just for the health benefits.

All my love,

Han xx