Adding Pink Into My Wardrobe

Pink is one of those colours I really love to wear, but never know how to style it or whether it does and favours for my pale complexion. However, as we’re slowly creeping into spring, I’m trying to style pink a bit more, as it is the perfect spring colour after all!  I recently wandered [...]

Styling Teddy Bear Coats

A teddy coat? How very blogger of me. I’m not sure how it’s taken me this long to hop on the trend of teddy bear coats, but I’m finally on it…and loving it!  Although I’m getting pretty sick of wearing coats, wrapping up warm and dreaming of sunnier days, but throughout the colder months, the [...]

Mary Quant – The Designer Who Shaped The Fashion of Today

Mary Quant – The Designer Who Shaped The Fashion of Today

If you’re anything like myself, then a world without mini skirts and hot pants is a world I  wouldn’t want to live in. If it wasn’t for the revolutionary designer Mary Quant, then they wouldn’t be staple parts in our wardrobes today. Alongside spending some well needed time in the sun and down the beach [...]