Ultimate Prague Travel Guide

Looking for the perfect city break? Prague is your answer. 

What I’ve come to realise over the past couple of years, is that, although I love a hot holiday and a week away relaxing in the sun, I actually prefer going away for city breaks. I find them so much more fun, much more lively and so much more culturally enriching! After my short but sweet 3 day trip to Prague, it made the list of one of my favourite cities and I wanted to share with you my ultimate travel guide; covering all things food, places to stay and sites to see. 

I fell in love with the whole of Prague, from its architectural beauty, the electric history, the lively atmosphere and just the general buzz of the whole city, lets not forget the pretty good night life as well…I don’t wan to even think about the amount of alcohol I consumed on this trip. It goes without saying, you won’t be bored if you do decide to visit Prague!

Must see sites

Prague Castle 

It goes without saying that this is one of the most popular places to visit in the entire country and it 100% deserves that title! The castle is the largest in the world and perched on a hillside, providing you with the most breathtaking views…and perfect Instagram opportunities. 

Old Town Square 

This charming little area is definitely worth visiting, luckily our Air B&B was right on top of Old Town Square, so I got the chance to walk through it everyday! Old Town Square has so many nooks and crannies to investigate, full of all kinds of cute cafes, restaurants and bars. The girls and I spent a lot of time outside, sipping mojitos in the sun in Old Town Square, waiting for the famous Astronomical Clock to chime! 

Charles Bridge 

Arguably the most famous bridge in the country, Charles Bridge is something you can’t go without seeing. Being one of the most popular tourist attractions it’s really busy, regardless of the time you go! Despite the business of the attraction, its worth visiting to see the impressive statues. 

John Lennon Wall 

If I’m honest I had no idea this was in Prague, it wasn’t until one of the girls told me it was pretty close to where we were staying that I realised it was! There is a lot of history behind this wall and it became a political focus for a long time. It’s covered with graffiti and aside from the history was a lot of fun to visit. Again, much like the bridge, it was super busy, but definitely worth taking a trip to see! 

Where to Stay 

Travelling on a budget can get tricky especially when you start staying in hotels every time you go away! So I recently delved into the world of Air B&B’s and these are a great alternative to staying in a hotel and I actually do prefer it! In areas which are popular with tourists; like Prague, there are so many choices when it comes to picking and Air B&B, depending on your needs and how close you want to be to the centre. They also really well priced, I think the one I was staying in was around £40 a night, split between two of us, I only paid £60 for a three night stay, which I don’t think was bad at all! 

Must Try Food 

Eat Trdelni (Chimney Cake) 

Before going to Prague I had of course done extensive Pinterest research to seek out the must see sites and must try food to make sure that I made the most of my short stay. Something that frequently cropped up on my feed were these Chimney Cakes, which I later learned were actually quite popular in a lot of European countries. I’m not sure how to describe them in a way that will do them justice, but its basically this rolled dough, shaped into a cone (kind of like a donut but not as fluffy) then covered in sugar. They are then served with your flavour ice cream and chocolate sauce; of course I went for vanilla. These were probably one of my favourite things I had on the trip and I can’t wait to go back to the same place one day to try them again! 

Lokal Dlouhaaa

Something that us girls made a point of doing was trying some of the local, traditional dishes, a quick look at google maps to find our nearest Local and we were not disappointed! For starters we had deep fried cheese, which is apparently very popular throughout the country. A couple of the other girls got a selection of sausages, again a very popular choice. Then for mains I had traditional Goulash and potato dumplings; I think this was my favourite meal of the trip, which is surprising because I never normally would opt for something like this! 

La Bottega Linka 

I know, I know, I can sense you all rolling your eyes at this one. Of course, we took a trip to an Italian restaurant while in Prague, sorry it had to be done! I won’t go through everything we had because it was pretty much just homemade Italian food, all whilst it was lovely, I’m sure you can all guess what I had…pizza!

Letna Beer Garden 

Another very popular tourist attraction in the city, which we went to a couple of times to watch the sun set over Prague. Here they served Prague’s world famous beer, which you could purchase before making use of the outdoor seating area and soaking up the views. 

Prague has been one of my favourite cities to visit and I’m so excited to visit again one day! I would love to take Martin there, as I think he would really enjoy it too! If you’re planning a trip to Prague, I hope this guide helps! 


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