The Fashion Edit: Puff Sleeves

The minute I started to see the puff sleeve trend take over the high streets last year I knew I was going to be all over it. I adore quite simplistic pieces, but that have a bit of a different cut or interest in the shape, so it was inevitable that I was about to fill my wardrobe with puffed sleeves. 

So what is it about puff sleeves that have us gravitating towards outfits with excessive fabric around the arms? For me, it represents a bit of femininity. Puff sleeves take us way way back, to when women used to swan around their palace gardens in in their elaborate gardens and voluminous sleeves. It’s a trend which has been around for decades and I am so here for it to make a comeback! 

Last year I gradually added more and more of the style to my wardrobe, a couple of tops and the most dreamy play suit from H & M. Teaming the playsuit with a pair of heels to dress up or some chunky boots to dress down. I really have found puff sleeves to be the best transitional piece for day to night attire! 

Favorite Puff Sleeve Garments:

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