Cutting Down on Screen Time

I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of spending too much time scrolling away on my phone. It’s the first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing I do before going to sleep. 

Since Apple rolled out the feature which tells you how much time you’re spending on your phone every week, I was shocked to see that I was spending hours everyday scrolling through social media. At first I was in complete disbelief, it only ever feels like I’ve spend half an hour scrolling a day, but apparently that’s far from the truth! 

The feature doesn’t just measure the amount of time you spend staring aimlessly at a screen, but it tells you what apps you use most and how often you pick up your phone…I never realised how often I pick up my phone, I kind of just feel as if it has become second nature and I don’t even realise that I’m doing it, which is terrifying!

Admittedly I do work a lot from my phone – so it was no surprise that apps like Instagram were my most frequently used. But there was no way I was picking up my phone that many times a day just for Instagram. So what was it for? I think I just mindlessly pick up, scroll on something and then put it down again. Chances are I wasn’t even paying that much attention to what I was doing either. 

I decided that it probably wasn’t healthy the amount of time I was spending looking at a screen. I mean I work a 9-5 job anyway, staring at a screen, then hours doing the same when I get home either blogging, or using social media. I quickly decided that for health reasons, I needed to gradually cut down on the amount of time I was staring at a screen. 

I had no idea the best way to go about this, but I started off my taking note of how often I was picking up my phone throughout the day for business reasons and how much I was picking it up to aimlessly scroll. It quickly became apparent that a lot of time time I was at work work, I would just aimlessly scroll as I wasn’t picking it up for my own business. However, when I got home, it was split between the two; aimless scrolling and for business. 

I gradually started to notice when I picked it up most frequently for no reason and started cutting down how frequently I did this. For example, I used to pick my phone up loads throughout the day at work, but I decided to tell myself to only get my phone out on my lunch break. An hour to briefly catch up on anything I’ve missed. This, surprisingly made a huge difference. 

One of my worst habits used to be spending some time winding down in the evening whether that be crocheting or reading, bu then just as I was about to go to sleep I would pick up my phone for one last check. I’ve stopped doing this, along with stopping checking my phone after 9 and not only has it assisted in cutting my screen time down, but it’s also helped me get a better night sleep! 

Before Apple bought out this mildly terrifying feature, I had no clue how often I mindlessly scroll through rubbish and I was literally losing hours of my life doing so. I think its a really great tool and made a lot of us realise that we were actually spending a large chunk of our day being really unproductive! 

Han x

One thought on “Cutting Down on Screen Time

  1. I completely agree! I spend quite a bit of time on facetime at the moment, but the amount of times I just pick up my phone is ridiculous. I’ve started leaving it upstairs when I eat breakfast and dinner and try to put it to the side when I want to really focus on something! It’s definitely an interesting one.


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