My Journey to Self Love

I recently wrote a post where I touched upon self love and it’s importance for a happy life; I thought it needed a whole blog post dedicated to it, so I thought I’d sit down and write a post entirely dedicated to the topic! 

It’s You’re Choice 

I think like a lot of things, loving yourself, feeling content with who you are and feeling confident in your own skin is an active process, it isn’t something that will happen over night and it is something that needs to be actively implemented into our everyday lives. It has taken me years to accept who I really am and be truly happy with that, having said that I still have days that I struggle. Once you’ve got to the stage where you are happy, you then have to obtain that, which can be just as hard. 

I guess its kinds of like wanting to tone up and get healthy – you take small baby steps which eventually lead to your goals. You start to eat healthier exercise more and then you gradually start to see the positive changes in your body. Once you get happy with the progress you made, it’s all to easy to get comfortable again and slip into your old ways; kind of the same thing when it comes to self love. Unless we take action and implement it into our lives and do it with a conscious effort, its easy to loose track and start to go backwards. Like a lot of things in life! 

Self Comparison 

The topic of self love has become one which the conversation surrounding is increasingly being spoken about. In a world where social media is so prevalent and shows like Love Island constantly show the same types of women, comparing ourselves to these beautiful instagram models and reality TV stars becomes the norm. 

Social media is an amazing tool, but it can be so toxic and I know that from personal experience. I used to spend hours looking at these beautiful models and I would just get myself down at the fact I looked nothing like them at all. I would scrutinise everything about myself, which was a toxic cycle to get myself into and a hard one to break. 

I’m sure it doesn’t take a genius to realise that social media is a polished, perfectly framed and edited snippet of someones life and for a long time I believed this to be reality, news flash, it isn’t. Being a blogger myself even I’m guilty of posting the perfect image on a day that I’m actually sat like a slob writing away in my pyjamas or having a particularly bad time with my anxiety. Learning that social media isn’t an accurate representation of anything was one of the biggest lessons I have learnt. 

It’s becoming more common to see now, but for a long time influencers didn’t talk about the not so perfect parts of their life and the struggles they go through. Some of my favourite accounts for showing some realness within their posts: Em Clarkson, The Tummy Diaries, Take Heart UK, Jess King 

All of these incredible women have pushed me in becoming more accepting of myself. They’ve helped me to realise that no matter what you may see on platforms like Instagram, it’s important not to take it too literally. They’ve assisted me in finding my own confidence and my own voice. Having a bad day? Thats okay! Struggling with body image? That’s okay. They’re helping to normalise showcasing a more real and raw version of yourself online and I honestly have so much respect for every single one of them! 

I found self comparison to be such a negative thing, I would have negative connotations to these platforms right up until I changed my relationship with them. I stoped comparing myself to Instagram models and scrutinising the fact I was a million miles from that and I was instantly happier. 

Self Care 

Taking better care of my body has also really helped me on my journey to being happier in my skin. 

I’ve found taking time out for myself is SO important. I love taking time to be on my own and do what makes me happy, most of the time this is going for a run, but whatever it may be ‘me’ time is so crucial. I started to do more of what makes me happy, worried less about what others thought and constantly trying to make them happy and I was instantly better in myself. 

I think everyone does self care in different ways and finding out the way in which you find most beneficial is really important. Whether its running a bubble bath, going for a coffee with a good book, cooking a nice dinner or in my case, going for a run and sweating it out. Whatever it may be that makes you happy, make sure you make the time to do it! 

Self love isn’t going to happen over night, as much as it would be really lovely if it did! It’s a long process that takes time, set back and a lot of motivation, but making the small changes to get where I am today have made the biggest difference and I’m really grateful for that! 

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