Fitness: How I stay Motivated

If you’ve followed me for a while, you will know that fitness, in particular running, has been a big part of my life for years now and its a topic which has frequently cropped up on my blog and social media channels a fair bit. One of the main questions I get asked from a lot of people is how do I stay motivated, especially when I spend so much time either at work or university. 

I thought seeing as it was one of my most frequently asked questions, I would dedicated a whole post to how I stay motivated and reach my fitness goals. If you’re new to fitness/trying to get fitter, finding the motivation doesn’t always come naturally. It may not seem like much fun at the beginning, but once you start noticing not only the physical benefits, but also the mental benefits of exercising, you will quickly become hooked! Here are my top tips for staying motivated! 

Set Goals 

Setting myself goals in everything I do is one way I motivate myself through life in general. Whether that be university, blogging, running or even life admin, setting myself small achievable goals, which once completed give me a sense of achievement always motivates me to push myself harder. I should point out that the goals you set yourself should be reasonable and not too drastic. For example, my personal fitness target for last year was to run at least 1 half marathon, which I achieved. This year I have set myself the task of running between 3 and 5. Small manageable goals which are achievable is the best way to stay motivated. If you set yourself an unreasonable goal, which you won’t reach, you won’t be motivated to carry on. 

Track Progress

I find tracking my fitness progress through my FitBit, really motivates me. Some people find it beneficial to take progress photos, or take weekly measurements. If you find a way of tracking your progress, this is sure to motivate you. For me it was focussing on my heart rate and anxiety. Suffering quite badly with anxiety, gives me pretty bad heart palpitations, however since starting running 6 years ago, I have noticed a significant improvement in both of these, which for me, was one of my main fitness goals. Remember these goals don’t just have to be physical changes!

Fitness Community 

There is such a big fitness community out there, which always gives me such a push. There are tonnes of fitness groups on Facebook/Instagram and other social media platforms; I always love seeing everyones inspiring words and motivational quotes on these fitness pages. It’s such a kind and understanding community, which has always spurred me to carry on. 

I’m part of the Grace Fit Get Shreddy group on Facebook and I have made some of the loveliest friends through the platform. It’s always nice to talk to like minded people and share your tips and tricks!

Seek Professional Advice 

Understandably hiring a PT may not be financially viable for everyone, they are expensive after all. However, if you are entering the fitness world for the first time and have limited knowledge I would strongly suggest getting some advice from a professional. 

Not only will they help you set goals and achieve them, but they will also advise you on how best to avoid injury. The reason a lot of people give up on fitness so quickly is because they injure themselves through silly mistakes. 

Luckily when I started running I had my Dad to guide me, who has been running since he was a kid. I found it so motivating to have someone to talk to about running and someone who could guide me through the whole process. If you have someone like that in your life, ask them questions and ask them to guide you!

Get a Gym Buddy 

And finally, possibly the thing that pushes me the most, training with someone. Being a very competitive person, I always love going running with my Dad or training in the gym with Martin because I push myself even harder. Just to prove to myself that I am capable! 

Staying motivated isn’t always plain sailing; I still have days where I literally do not want to drag myself out for a run, but I know I will always feel so much better for doing so! 

What are your tips for staying motivated when it comes to fitness? 

Han x

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