My Love Affair With Midi Skirts

The midi skirt, a trend that I thought I would never get on board with, however to my surprise, over the past few months I’ve found them creeping into my everyday style. I’d been very hesitant for a while, ordered a few, which quickly went home, mainly due to the fact that I didn’t think I was tall enough to wear them. I saw these gorgeous models with long legs, looking absolutely amazing in them, and then I just didn’t. 

It wasn’t until the start of this year, I started to venture back into the trend, mainly thanks to Abi (@abisblog), who did a mass order of midi skirts and just looked amaze. That was enough to convince me…influencer much! I ordered one and refused to send it back, I decided to stop being paranoid about what other people thought and embrace this new trend (also quite possibly the comfiest trend of the decade). Once I did a lot of trawling through Pinterest, and learning how best to style them, I think I’ve finally started to get there…

Here are a few of the ways I’ve been loving styling them lately… 

I think the way which I was most afraid to style a midi was casually, which was frustrating because my style is casual 80% of the time; so I really wanted to master this. Chucking on a pair of trainers and a plain white tee, seemed to do just the trick. Shame it took me so long to establish! I feel like midi skirts are quite a statement piece, meaning that how you style it can be pretty simple and your outfit will still have an impact and catch peoples eyes. 

Another casual look which I have been loving, is reaching for a chunky knit jumper and pair of Doc Martens. Probably not appropriate in the summer, but I found myself wearing this outfit a lot in the autumnal months. I love Doc Martens as I think they’re so versatile and easy to style and along with a midi skirt, they’re definitely an addition which makes an outfit that bit more edgy and statement. 

Finally, this skirt is the perfect answer for something a bit dressier. Like I said, midi skirts are the easiest way to make a statement with your outfit; when I came across this one on the PLT website, I knew I just had to pick it up. It had my name written all over it and I thought it would be perfect for a more dressier occasion, few and far between they may be. Styled with a plain white tee and my favourite pair of black heels, this is an outfit which makes me feel confident. Pair with a basic clutch and light jacket, you’ve got yourself the prefect spring date night outfit! 

Are you a fan of midi skirts if so how do you style them?!

Midi Skirt, Jumper and Docs 

Midi Skirt, milkmaid top, trainers and leather jacket 

Pink Midi skirt, white body suit, heels 

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