Why I’m Choosing To Be Productive Not Busy

I’m sure I speak for most bloggers when I say that day to day we make a lot of decisions for out little corners on the internet. Everything that we say or do in regards to our businesses, normally has an entire thought process behind it. Whether thats the planning and executing of creating Insta posts or innovative blog content – these things only happen when we are productive. We as people, obviously have the choice to be productive to not. Are you going to get up early and get shit done? Or stay in bed and aimlessly scroll, convincing yourself you’ll be productive some other time? 

The line is easily blurred between being busy and being productive. You could have a million and one things keeping you busy, but if you weren’t executing these goals and being productive, then what’s the point in setting them in the first place?! 

Why You Need to be More Productive

I could give you a whole list of ways to kick start a productive day, that honestly work, but it’s all good me telling you these things, but its down to you to choose to make them work. 

I could dedicate a post to every hack and system I use and swear by to keep productive, but none of them would be beneficial if they weren’t put into action. 

It’s one of those annoying things, you can’t be more productive, by reading about productivity. You won’t get all your shit done just by mulling over it. In order to be productive you need to act productive, which is why productivity is more important than being busy any day! 

When you opt to be more productive, you’re favouring that over being busy. We aren’t #hustling, we’re choosing to multi-task and prioritise (a life long skill I will forever thank uni for teaching me!). 

Busy, hustler are all just buzzwords we use instead of actually taking action and being productive. Choosing to be productive means managing the time I’ve got in each day with the tasks I need to complete. Breaking down what you need to do to achieve your goals in to smaller tasks and dedicating time to these tasks. Time in which you aren’t distracted too. I’m super guilty of trying to be productive but getting distracted by my phone. I’ve found that making lists helps me be much more productive over being busy. And I feel so much better for it! 

With so many things fighting for out attention day in, day out, it’s difficult to focus out attention and be productive; arguably why we spend so long searching for the magic answer to being more productive. Reading up on these tips is great, but they won’t work unless we start taking action. Me included! I’m trying to be better at prioritising and choosing to have productive days over busy days and I’ve already noticed a positive change in my work and life! 

What are your best tips for being productive?!

One thought on “Why I’m Choosing To Be Productive Not Busy

  1. To do lists that actually achievable was a huge turning point for me in terms of being productive rather than just busy!! That, and blocking out hours of the day to do it, like I was at school, rather than expecting myself to get around to it eventually – more often than not I never did haha! Great post x


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