For The Love of…The Caption

There’s a tonne of pressure in the “instagram world’, come to think of it, there’s a lot of encumbrance in the social media world as a whole. From building an authentic following, to getting that perfect action shot of you walking toward the camera and letting your food go cold all in the name of the grid. But aside from the pressures that come with it, I do love Instagram (sometimes) and the general social media world, I think it’s a really exceptional tool, readily accessible for most people. 

I use Instagram like the latest issue of Vouge, whacky trends that would definitely not have been acceptable a few years ago, are suddenly the in thing. I love the freedom that Instagram has given people to creatively express ourselves. I often find myself aimlessly scrolling through my favourite Instagram feeds in awe of how these bloggers have managed to create their impeccable themes, with the same preset which works for all their images and the self restraint to let their their brunch go cold just for a picture…I definitely don’t have that.  

The more time I spend on the platform, the more I’ve started to see that the caption is actually just as important as the image, a caption culture has emerged, it’s even come with its own #CaptionCommunity tag! Gone are the days of just captioning your images with a bunch of emojis, but instead influencers are using the space to create change and showcase reality; which I am SO here for. 

All of a sudden my feed is still filled with these beautiful images, but they’re providing value in the form of their captions. Whether it’s talking about the most pressing issues in the news, a passionate subject or even the story behind this seemingly perfect picture. Being a primarily visual platform, it’s been really refreshing to witness such a change. I feel like I’ve got to know the people behind these seemingly perfect feeds, their interests, their passions and that Instagram isn’t all as refined as it seems. Turning into a platform where we engage and debate, making it much more valuable than it’s ever been before. 

I’m still learning when it comes to captions…as bizarre as that sounds! I struggle with writing them, which is odd for someone who spends so much time writing. I think I worry that what I’m chatting about people won’t be interested in, but the reality is, if they’re following you for your content, then you’ve got a pretty high chance in them wanting to listen to what you have to say.

Below are some of the accounts I think are smashing the #CaptionCommunity …

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