Adding Pink Into My Wardrobe

Pink is one of those colours I really love to wear, but never know how to style it or whether it does and favours for my pale complexion. However, as we’re slowly creeping into spring, I’m trying to style pink a bit more, as it is the perfect spring colour after all! 

I recently wandered into New Look and found this lovely little pink number in the sale for only £12, so I thought it would be rude not to!

I was a bit wary of the dress and wandered around the shop aimlessly for a while before actually deciding to just pick it up, because I would regret it if I didn’t. I’ve never really styled shirt dresses before, as I was unsure, being quite small whether they would suit me or not and eventuate that I don’t have much of a figure. But since picking this up, I have been fully converted to the shirt dress trend. 

It synchs in at the waist, which I think makes it even more flattering and it’s length is perfect for us who haven’t been blessed with legs for days. 

Another thing I quickly learned to love about shirt dresses is that they are so easy to style and makes getting ready in the morning so quick. Literally, chuck on the dress and a pair of shoes and I’m good to go, its the perfect outfit for us girls who want to look good, but don’t always have the time to fully style an outfit before work! 

I’ve opted to style this dress with my favourite black patent boots, which I’m sure most of my Instagram followers are getting bored of seeing. I’m going to be sad when the summer comes and I can no longer wear them! But I thought they went really well with the black spots in the dress and black is the perfect simple colour to pair with anything when you’re unsure! 

Mustard and pink is one of my favourite colour combinations, I think they both compliment each other so well, and they’re both perfect for the transition period into spring and summer. Bags are always an accessory which I think has the ability to make or break an outfit, so choosing the right one is key! I love this one from Accessorise, its the perfect size for university to fit all my note books and laptop in, all whilst looking stylish! 

Han x

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