Styling Teddy Bear Coats

A teddy coat? How very blogger of me. I’m not sure how it’s taken me this long to hop on the trend of teddy bear coats, but I’m finally on it…and loving it! 

Although I’m getting pretty sick of wearing coats, wrapping up warm and dreaming of sunnier days, but throughout the colder months, the one thing that does cheer me up is having a stylish, yet cosy coat (or whole selection in my case), which makes for the focal point of the outfit. 

My coat collection is ever expending, its a bit of a problem at this point too! I don’t have enough space to store them all…whoops. One of my favourite which has been added to my collection is the teddy coat. A Christmas gift which I have literally worn to death since. Its the perfect colour to go with anything and super easy to just chuck on and style. A firm fashion investment? I think so. 

I’m turning onto a massive lover of more neutral tones and colours. Don’t get me wrong, I still love me a pop of colour in a lot of my outfits, but I’ve been finding these more neutral colours a lot easier to style. 

I love the cropped length to the coat, I think its really flattering; seeing as I’m quite petite sometimes the bigger coats tend to swamp me. Lets face it, the teddy coat has been floating around for ages, its just taken me an unusual amount of time to jump onto the band wagon. Unusual because I’m normally the first to jump on a new coat trend! 

I can see myself continuing to snuggle in this coat whilst I patiently wait for spring to make its long awaited arrival.

I have linked some of my fav teddy coats below, providing you with all the teddy coat inspiration you need and if you don’t have one already, maybe this will be enough to convince you! 

Han x

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