Spilling the Tea on BooTea

What Are Detox Teas? 

Occasionally referred to as “Teatox” or “Flat Tummy Teas” (a phrase that literally makes me gag) in recent years have been heavily promoted on social media. Claiming to be packed with natural healthy ingredients, which some of them do. However, nearly all of them contain Senna, found in laxatives; the culprit responsible for the success in the quick but temporary weight loss effect of these detox teas. 

Celebrities have been endorsing these products for years, however more recently, they have been making a more regular appearance and causing uproar about the physical and psychological effects from promoting such products. 

With the rise if these quick fix weight loss products, specialists and doctors are actually arguing that these methods are unhealthy and ineffective when you look at the bigger picture; exactly the debate which has sparked across various social media platforms with celebrities and influencers are endorsing these teas, are they promoting an unhealthy lifestyle to their millions of followers? The answer is yes, obviously. 

Detox Controversy 

The word, detox, has been greeted into societies vernacular to describe everything and anything that is seemingly ‘guilt free’, whether that be a well deserved spa day, having a day away from social media or taking some time out to do what makes you happy. When it’s used in that context it appears seemingly harmful, but starts to appear dangerous when used to describe weight loss. 

After doing my research, I can confirm all of these teas which claim to make you ‘skinny in two weeks’ are actually just herbal teas with the added Senna laxative. Basically, tea which will give  you the shits for two weeks. So of course you’re going to drop some weight, if your food is going straight through you and your dehydrated! It doesn’t take a genius to work out that once you finish the course of the detox teas, you’ll end up putting all the weight back on because you won’t be on the loo every 5 minutes. 

So despite people like Kim K and various Geordie Shore stars endorsing detoxification for weight loss, science basically tells you that there is limited scientific evidence that these programmes work and are beneficial for long term weight loss goals. 

Spilling The Tea on BooTea

Putting aside the fact your literally running your body physically into the ground if you do choose to buy into these false advertisements, the mental strain is also just as dangerous.   

I’ve always been very concerned of my weight, I run at least 6 times a week and eat a healthy balanced diet, however for a long time, loosing weight and conforming to that ‘Instagram perfect body type’ literally consumed me and every aspect of my life. So much so, that I started regularly ordering the BooTea 14 Day Teatox, which I quickly became obsessed with. 

I eventually came to my senses, I needed to open my eyes and realise that what I was putting my body through with constantly drinking BooTea was mentally and physically taking its toll. I think a huge part of my issue was the diet culture we live in. 

I realised didn’t want to fund an industry which I knew had a negative effect on other young women. A franchise which promotes unrealistic beauty ideals and that the body should look one particular way, and if it doesn’t? Detox tea! The mental ramifications of this mindset are HUGE. 

I wanted to share my experience, to encourage other young women to not buy into these toxic industries. When I was drinking these teas, I had constant stomach pains, bowels which were all over the place and I was just constantly tired and moody.  

Social media has massively blurred the reality of what these pretty pink packaged teas actually do to your body. When you see Kylie Jenner advertising the latest Teatox, you would never hear her touch upon the physical and mental strain they put your body through. I would like to think that anyone even considering that teatoxs’ are the answer to weight loss will think twice before contemplating it after reading this.  

Han x

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