Missguided VS Pretty Little Thing: Active Wear Edition

It’s no secret that I love a good activewear set. Being a runner and avid gym goer, I like to treat myself to a new set every now and then seeing as I get so much use out of them! I tend to go for more upper market runners gear which is known to have good quality, like Karrimore and Nike, however both of these are on the more expensive side…So I though I would try out something new. 

I’ve always seen the activewear on places like Pretty Little Thing and Missguided, however, whenever I see cheap prices on activewear, it tends to be a warning sign to steer clear as I always assume the quality isn’t that great. BUT, I thought it was time I put this theory to the test and give an honest review on the cheaper options out there. 

I ordered a set from both sites to try, we’ll start with Missguided…


I ordered this set from Missguided, it kind of reminded me of the Gymshark seamless set, but at a fraction of a the price; they also had this in other colours, aside from the grey. When I first opened the leggings they looked as if they wouldn’t fit a 5 year old, however once I actually got them on (prepare yourself for a bold statement here), I think they are possibly the best fitting gym leggings I’ve EVER ordered. As for the sports bra, this was also super figure hugging and flattering, with plenty of support which is great for running! I ordered both of these in an XS, however if you’re someone who likes a bit of extra room, I would size up. 


Like I mentioned previously, this set is much like the famous Gymshark one, I’m sure you’re all aware of the one I’m on about! But the one from Missguided worked out at over half the price, bargain! I also love the colour of this, I’m a sucker for anything grey – having said this I also loved the pink set and I’m sure I’ll be adding the pink to my wardrobe at some point soon!

Squat Proof? 

I was amazed at the quality from Missguided, I really wasn’t expecting much, the set as a whole cost me around £30, so my hopes weren’t set too high! But after working out in these once, I can confirm my boobs stayed in place and you couldn’t see my underwear through them! Winner winner! 

Overall Missguided exceeded my expectations and I would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative when it comes to activewear that won’t break the bank! 

Moving on to PLT…This was an interesting one! 


This set was more ordered for the gym then it was for running, I think I would stop traffic if I was seen out running in this set! As opposed to sizing up with Missguided, I would suggest to size down with PLT. I ordered the smallest size, however, before I washed them and they lost a bit of size, they were slightly too big, and to be honest the bra still doesn’t fit that great anyway. The bra seemed to lack much structure and support, it’s great if you want to go the gym and look good, but if you’ve got a cardio session planned, I’ll save you the embarrassment form a nip-slip now, and tell you to wear something else!


I love pink, so it seemed only right that something pink was included in this post, especially because I don’t actually own any pink sports wear surprisingly! Anyway, this is a really cute design, a nice v-neck sports bra and plain simple leggings, however, I really wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with big boobs because mine fall out of this and they aren’t even that big either…tragic. 

Squat Proof? 

Unfortunately the PLT set definitely was not squat proof and I’m pretty sure you could see my underwear through it just from standing up which is a disappointment. The material was a lot thinner and felt much cheaper than the Missguided set, I’m also sure you could literally see my bum cheeks, so overall PLT let me down a bit! 

I guess it goes without saying that Misguided 100% won this and I will definitely be ordering from their active range again! It exceeded what I had hoped and I felt comfortable and confident working out which I think is really important! 

Han xx

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