Travelling Light With Only Hand Luggage

As if I haven’t mentioned it enough, I’m going to Amsterdam with Martin in a few days, in fact this post might actually be going up whilst I’m away! As excited as I am to go away, I’ve been dreading the whole packing fiasco. As we are travelling with just hand luggage, I’ve had to really plan what I’m taking along so I can fit it all in my tiny hand luggage suitcase, taking into consideration clothes, liquids and electrical’s. With all this in mind, I thought it would be useful for me to create a little blog post on my tips and tricks for travelling light! 

When it comes to packing, over the past year or so I’ve definitely improved. I used to be such an over packer, but since doing a few hand luggage only trips over the past year or so, I’ve definitely left behind my ways of packing enough for two weeks of travelling when I’m only away for a few days! 

The Suitcase 

So this might seem like a bit of a silly one, but with airlines becoming more and more strict on the size and weight of cases (I’m looking at you Easyjet), it’s important to get a lightweight one. Here is a link to the one that I currently have, its the perfect size, not too heavy and its pink whats not to like! Mines from Amazon, but most retailers tend to sell hand luggage suitcases, I’ve seen some nice ones in Primark for a reasonable price! 

Make sure before you travel you check the weight allowance, although the size is pretty much universal, the amount weight that you’re allowed sometimes differs from airline to airline. I’d also advice on picking up a suitcase weigher, which is great for peace of mind when travelling, knowing that your case isn’t over weight. 


Ultimately the hardest part, right! This is that part which I always stress myself out over. I pack too much then can’t whittle it down to what I really need to take with me. I tend to start of by checking what the weather is going to be like whilst I’m there; although this is never fully accurate it’ll give me a good idea. For example, when I got to Amsterdam I know it’s going to be freezing so I’ll need to make plenty of space for warm clothes! 

I start off by writing a list of all the outfits I will be wearing out there, then if there’s anything from an outfit I can wear twice, I’ll make sure to utilise this. I’m really strict with sticking to this list, making sure I don’t deviate from it will mean I won’t have the stress of overpacking nor will I have the stress of picking out what to wear everyday! 

As for the bits that will take up more room in your case, I would advise to wear these to the airport if you can. For example, I’ll be travelling in my big coat and doc Martens as these will take up the most space, so its best to wear them!


For anyone who has flown before, you’ll know that if you pack any liquids in your hand luggage they need to be below 100ml and to make things even more irritating, all these liquids have to fit into a teeny tiny see through bag. So with liquids, you have to be even more strict than with clothes usually. 

Luckily, Superdrug and places like that will have a whole section dedicated to travel minis all under 100ml. Also consider stocking up on things like shampoo and shower gel once you’ve arrived at your destination. 


And finally, try to narrow down your electrical’s as much as possible to what you really need for those few days away, don’t take the things you can live without! I try to limit myself to my phone,  phone charger, camera and hair straighteners, most hotels provide a hair dryer if not I never tend to pack one, just let my hair dry over night. Also, make sure to pack an adaptor, its no fun forgetting to pack one of those!

I’m sure there are a few tips that I have forgotten, but those are the most important things to consider when travelling light!

Have you got any city breaks or holidays planned this year?!  

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