The Contraceptive Pill Ruined my Sex Drive

For millions of women, taking the pill is part of their daily morning routine and for the vast majority, they can do so without intolerable side effects. Then there’s me. 

I hate the pill. If it isn’t messing with my mental health then it’s killing my libido. And if it isn’t doing either of those it’s giving a period which lasts 5 months…and counting. I’ve experimented with my fair share of pills, each one holding a slight variation on hormones ‘set to cure my problems on it’. The first two completely dousing my interest in sex completely as the other. Although I guess it worked in my favour because, my chances of getting pregnant were pretty slim, it was making me miserable, as you can imagine it would if you were in a fresh new relationship. Finally, onto another one, which thankfully doesn’t kill my sex drive, but has made me have the worlds longest period. I’ve been bleeding since August last year…madness I know.  

I’ve never been a fan of taking the pill, ever since I started it when I was 16. There is always the thought that they aren’t 100% reliable, coupled with the fact they don’t protect against STD’s and the adding factor that they mess with pretty much every aspect of your physical and mental health, I just don’t feel as if the pill makes any woman feel their best self. 

In a way I think woman are made to feel as if they need to go on the pill and its their duty to make sure safe sex is enforced, with the men having little responsibility. Something I believe should be changing. Opening up the conversation about how the pill really makes us feel is the first step in this process.

There are hundreds of pills available, but effectively they all mess with our hormones, so surely thats not good?! I don’t know, maybe men are happy to use condoms and take responsibility for promoting safe sex. I know from experience (before I was in a relationship, should probably point that out) this isn’t necessarily the case. I would previously feel to embarrassed to broach the subject with said man, so took it as my responsibility to make sure I was safe.

What bothers me most about this sex drive wrecking, mental health battering pill, is that they don’t protect against STIs. Which means all the times I have taken action, the man hasn’t ever actually taken this into consideration, which baffles me. We’ve become programmed to think that it is our duty as women to protect against unwanted pregnancy’s. And for the STIs? We’ll just have to deal with that later, apparently. 

Before being in a relationship, I felt pressured to take the pill, because that was preferable over the awkward conversation regarding condoms with a one night stand. I might be completely wrong and men might be more than understanding on this, but I haven’t ever felt like it before. I hope I’m not the only female out there that feels this way about such issues! It would be great to hear what you have to say! 

(I should add that I am in a happy relationship now and on a pill which somewhat agrees with me and when it doesn’t my partner is more than understanding of this and other methods are used!) 

Han x

One thought on “The Contraceptive Pill Ruined my Sex Drive

  1. You’re so right in bringing up that all of the pressure goes on women to prevent pregnancy! Men just use the excuse “Condoms are uncomfortable” or “I don’t like condoms”, etc. like that’s okay when women are much more uncomfortable using birth control that gives symptoms like you described. I think sex-education being improved would help with these issues, but that’s a whole different beast. On any note, this was a great read, and thank you for sharing your experience.


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