Tropic Skincare Party and Review

Tropic Skincare is a brand which has been on my radar for a while now and I’ve been itching to try it.

I’d seen a lot of people I knew becoming ambassadors and raving about these miracle products, however it wasn’t until one of my Mums’ friends became an ambassador herself that I thought I best give it a go; seeing as her reviews were glowing also! 

Wellness, clean beauty and cruelty free products are the ethics which the company believe it most and step from the CEOs’ upbringing in Australia. Having come from a household with a medical background, from a young age she was taught the importance of the body and needing natural remedies. Launched in 2011, Tropic is now one of the leading natural cosmetic retailers. 

Coming across brands with good ethics and amazing products which give results can be hard to come by, but after trailing the product myself, I can safely say Tropic have nailed it. 

My Experience 

Claire kindly lent me a selection of products to try out, before she held her Tropic Skincare party, allowing me to get a real feel for the products. I quickly incorporated the products into my daytime and night-time skin routine and saw pretty much instant effects. 

Throughout the time I was trialling the products, I used the Face Scrub. Smoothing Cleanser, Toner Mist, and Moisturiser. 

Starting off with the face wash, easily one of my favourite face washes I’ve ever used. I’m normally fairly picky with scrubs as I know the importance of having one which properly cleans your skin, so I tend not to veer from my go to’s however, the Tropic face wash left my skin feeling squeaky clean, not to mention super smooth. 

The cleanser, again one of the best I’ve tried. I’ve been using the Simple Kind To Skin Cleanser for as long as I can remember, so I actually really enjoyed changing it up a bit. I found this to be great at removing make up – I always double cleanse, but with this I found that I actually could have just done the one cleanse to remove my make up and I probably would have been fine! 

Once cleansed, I then spritzed Pore Refining Facial Mist. I am obsessed with facial mists, I always used to use the Body Shop Vitamin E face mist and I find them so refreshing and they just make my skin feel extra clean. Also great for the summer; if you keep them in the fridge and then spray them! It’s really revitalising, hydrating and makes my skin look brighter and more awake. 

The moisturiser, much like the rest of the range is a must have. All of these products when used together made my skin glow and it looked so bright. The moisturiser was the finishing touch. 

I’m very strict with my moisturising and cleansing routine and over the period in which I was using these products I saw a pretty much instant change in my complexion. I looked more awake and my skin just looked brighter and healthier! Another huge benefit, is that a little product goes along way, so they’re well worth the money. 

Tropic Skincare Party 

Not Just Skin Care. 

I will leave all of Claire’s links below, if you do wish to shop any of the products. If you have a scroll through her Facebook page you will see that it is more than just skincare, a community. 

The items are fairly budget friendly, mid range and they reflect the product, they’re all definitely worth the price. You can shop bundles, travel packages and even gifts. I think the bundles are great to try a few different products at once and get a real feel for the whole range.

They even stock make up and a tanning range, which I am yet to try, but I’m sure I will at some point this year! 

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of the Tropic Skincare range before and if so what did you think?

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