4 Things to do in Lanzarote

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know that last October I visited Lanzarote with my boyfriend for a well deserved week away! Although the main purpose for this holiday was to switch off and relax, we still had a few days out which I would recommend to anyone looking to visit Lanzarote this summer! It’s a very popular tourist destination, so I thought with all the travel agent sales around at the moment, this post would be great if you were thinking of booking a trip there! 

While away in Lanzarote, Martin and I stayed in the Blue Bay Hotel, in Costa Teguise, somewhere that I would really recommend considering if you are looking at an all inclusive resort, it has pretty much everything you could want – it is also located 10 minutes from the capital, Arrecife. Food was served all day and there was a restaurant for breakfast and dinner, there was also a gym and two pools, which had entertainment going on throughout the day; there was also entertainment in the evening. However, with Lanzarote being a popular tourist destination, there are countless hotels around to suit your specific needs!

So, onwards from the hotel, here are a few things that I would recommend doing whilst out in Lanzarote! 


So although we were on holiday in Lanzarote, all of the Canary Islands are really close together, look out from the beach of one and the chances are, you can see another. Lanzarote is super close to Futureventura, boat trips and organised excursions run regularly to the island. Martin and I booked this trip through the hotel and it was definitely one of my favourite days. If you get the chance to visit Futureventura, I would recommend visiting the white sand dunes, they are absolutely breath taking!  



One place that we had done some research on before arriving was Playa Blanca, a short coach ride from where we were staying. Playa Blanca is absolutely gorgeous and there is so much going on. Where our hotel was, it was quite quiet with not a lot going on, so it was nice to get out to somewhere a bit more lively! 

If you don’t get too sea sick, I would highly suggest going on one of the organised boat tours that run from the dock. They’re about an hour long and take you along the coast of Lanzarote, allowing you to see some really pretty scenes. The markets in Playa Blanca are also great, filled will fab little knick knacks!



If you’re looking for a chilled out beach day, Puerto Del Carmen is the perfect place. There are regular bus services that run across the whole island of Lanzarote, so getting around was fairly easy. 

To get down to Purto Del Carmen, we jumped on a bus, and after a short journey we arrived there. It’s sandy beach stretches for miles and the sea is so blue! It sounds so silly, but the sea is nothing like that in the UK…think more of a merky off grey. 

There is also quite a lot going on in the streets of Puroto Del Carmen, lots of nice bars and restaurants, you’ll be spoilt for choice! The one bar that Martin and I visited served possibly the best mojito I have ever tasted…I still think about it now! 



Then finally, if you are someone that enjoys their art, the Ceaser Manrique museum is a must on your list! Cesar Manrique was one of Lanzarote’s most famous residents. His imprint on the country is inescapable, their are nods to his work throughout. However, I would highly recommend visiting the museum if you get the chance. It isn’t massive, so don’t worry it won’t take the whole day to get round, you won’t miss much sun! Bit is so worth the visit. 


Are you planning a hot holiday this year? If so, where to?! 

Han x

6 thoughts on “4 Things to do in Lanzarote

  1. Looks so beautiful and sounds like a great time! ❤ Never heard of Lanzarote until now, I’ll have to do my research! Thanks for sharing!

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