How To Celebrate Valentines Day on a Budget

I feel as if every year there’s a lot of pressure when it comes to celebrating Valentines Day. Who has the best relationship? Who has gone to the fanciest bar? Who can book the best holiday for their partner etc. This year is the first year ever that I am in a proper relationship for Valentines Day, however I don’t plan on going all out and spending loads of money, I don’t think there’s a need for it. So, if you’re anything like me and would rather a quiet night in with your partner over a lavish night out, then this post is for you! I thought I would share some ideas as to how you can have the perfect night in, all whilst on a budget too!

  1. Netflix and Chill

Get your head out the gutter…not that kind of chill (not early evening anyway). Jokes aside, after a long day at work, putting your feet up to watch a good movie with your other half is the perfect end to they day. Light some candles, get a bottle of wine and your favourite snack and enjoy the precious moments.

  1. At Home Pamper Night

Martin will hate me for saying this, but I think he loves a face mask just as much as I do. Take some time to pamper yourselves, run a hot bath together and have a relaxing evening. I would always rather something like this than going out!

  1. Cook For One Another

Obviously, you can’t both cook for each other, unless you can manage two dinners, in which case, I’m impressed. But why not treat your partner and cook them their favourite meal from their favourite restaurant.

  1. Plan an Indoor Picnic

It’s no surprise when I tell you that living in England means it will probably be cold and rainy this Valentines Day, so an actual picnic is off the cards. Instead, get together lots of nibbley foods, pop on a good movie and get cosy, the perfect alternative.

  1. Games Night

I love a good board games night; this could even be done alongside the picnic! Although my partner and I are both extremely competitive so who knows how a games night would end…

  1. Get Your Favourite Takeaway

Takeaways are a rarity in mine and Martins relationship as we are both fairly into our fitness and healthy eating, but if Valentine’s Day isn’t an excuse for a takeaway treat then I don’t know what is! We would always go for a Dominos (as I don’t actually like any other takeaways!)

  1. Breakfast in Bed

Making breakfast in bed may be an oldie, but it’s definitely a goodie. Wake up before your partner and surprise them with their favourite breakfast in bed…for us that would of course be pancakes!

  1. Make Your Own Cocktails

Channel your inner mixologist and shake up a few cocktails! Why not have your own party for 2, it’s like being out but without the dreaded Valentine’s Day crowds.

  1. Plan a Holiday

Spend the night planning your travels for the next year! It’s around this time last year that Martin and I started to plan our hot holiday of the year, so I can imagine we will be doing the same this Valentine’s Day!


How will you be spending Valentines Day this year?

3 thoughts on “How To Celebrate Valentines Day on a Budget

  1. I love these ideas, a pamper night and indoor picnic sounds like a dream! We have my bed lofted and a little space under there lit up by rainbow lights so I think we’ll chill under there, snack, and watch movies. 💗 Thanks for the great ideas!

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