How to Celebrate Galentines Day this Year…

That’s right, thanks to Leslie Knope, Galentines day is an internationally recognised event, which takes place the day before actual valentines’ day (It’s not all about the happy couples)! A day solely dedicated to spending time with your best girlfriends, rejoicing your friendships and relishing the relationships. Here are a few ideas on how you can celebrate Galentines Day this year…

  1. A Fancy Galentines Dinner Date

Who says you need a man to take you out for dinner? Treat yourself with a marvelous dinner and flowers, I know my friends will always settle for Italian, which if I’m honest sounds like the perfect meal out…and excuse to get a bit dressed up!


  1. Host a Galentines Day Pyjama Day

Stock up on chick flicks, rom-coms, your preferred snacks and lots of wine for the perfect cosy evening in with all your girlfriends.


  1. Have a Spa Day

Book a group appointment for a facial and afternoon tea, for a relaxing afternoon perfect for switching off. I always love going for a manicure with my friends, any time of year, so any excuse to go again!


  1. Galentines Cocktail Bar Date

My friends and I love a good cocktail bar; Pornstar Martini is always my drink of choice. Another excuse this Galentines Day to get a bit dressed up, chuck on some heels and let your hair down!


  1. Hold a Dinner Party

One of my favourite programmes to watch is Come Dine with Me, so this is one of my favourite ideas. Either host your own dinner party with all your girlfriends and lots of wine or get everyone to bring a dish/drink if you don’t fancy cooking the whole thing yourself!


  1. Hold a Galentines Day Gift Exchange

You know, like you used to do in primary school. You’d exchange a card and some overpriced chocolates with your crush? Apart from now we’re older, we could always swap the chocolate for a bottle of Rose this Galentines…


  1. Celebrate with Dessert

Have you ever heard anything more appealing? I’m a sucker for a good dessert and if Galentines Day isn’t the ideal celebration for chocolate cheesecake, I don’t know what is! Ending your day on a sweet note is always a safe bet!


How will you be celebrating Galentines Day this year?!

7 thoughts on “How to Celebrate Galentines Day this Year…

  1. ooooh this has really inspired me to organise something this year for Galentines day with all my friends, I’ve never done it before but it seems like such a fun idea and a good excuse to catch up and do something fun!

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