Establishing Yourself as an Influencer in 2020

The term micro-influencer has been bounded about a lot this past year and when I came to investigate what a micro-influencer actually was, finding one specific answer was pretty much impossible. From what I gathered, a micro-influencer is anyone with a following between 1,000 to 100,000…a pretty broad range, right?! Becoming an influencer is literally as simple as pressing a few buttons and setting up a social platform. However when it comes to establishing yourself as a micro-influencer and becoming successful in the field is a little more difficult.

When I first started my blog, I struggled to find a simple guide or a set of simple tips as to how I could make it work. How could I make a hobby into something profitable? Especially when there are influencers cropping up everywhere – I needed to know how I could stand out.

One of the main aspects which constitutes to being an influencer is getting opportunities. Which again, a factor much easier said than done. It’s taken me a long time to learn how best to come across opportunities and a post like this really would have helped me in my early days!

What I’ve Learnt…

  • A lot of companies I have worked with have come across me through my Instagram page, so having your email address in your bio is essential. If a brand likes what you do, they can easily contact you.
  • Utilise the tools available to you on Instagram! The tagging tool is a great example of this, I always tag my outfit details or location details in a post. This is a great way for bigger brands to see your content and make yourself known.
  • Find your style. Brands are always looking for something or someone different, they don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t have their own style. Whether that be your editing style or the way in which you post. Find something that suits you and makes you stand out!
  • Be active, across all your platforms! I struggle to post across all my platforms every day due to a very busy work schedule, but when I have a spare couple of minutes here and there, I try to quickly jump on Instagram and engage with my audience. Just because I’m not constantly posting, doesn’t mean I’m not active.

Gifting VS Paid

When it comes to getting opportunities as an influencer, brands will often come to you with a proposal which is either a paid campaign, or a gifted campaign. There seems to be a lot of controversy with the latter.

As bloggers and influencers, we need to remember that our work is valuable, it’s taken time to write, construct, take photos etc. so we shouldn’t feel bad about being paid. After all, it is a good stream of income when done correctly. Asking to be paid for a campaign can be incredibly daunting but remember the value of your work and break it up for the brand. When asking to be paid for a campaign, explain how long you intend to spend and how much effort will be put in on creating your content.

Having said this, I don’t personally think gifting posts should be completely dismissed. When starting out as a smaller influencer, gifting campaigns can be one of the best ways to get your name out there and quickly establish yourself. I found this the best way to get myself known in the blogger world and still to this day love working with brands on a gifted basis; I find there are less restrictions with the content I have to create, along with this, if they like what I do and continue to come back, I can build on my relationship with them, eventually asking for their influencer budget.

Han xx

8 thoughts on “Establishing Yourself as an Influencer in 2020

  1. Great tips!! I personally struggle with being active and keeping with Instagram, I go through periods where I’m extremely up to date and then periods (now…) where I don’t post, or engage, for months! It’s definitely something I’d like to work on this year as I know how important instagram is for ‘influencers’, particularly as you said for brands to get a feel for your content and then to contact you with opportunities.

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