Making Ethical Fashion Choices

Being part of the fashion influencer industry I feel that there is always a pressure to stay on top of the latest trends, which ultimately leads me to unnecessarily buying new clothes. But in a bid to be more environmentally conscious this year, I’m trying to make some small changes.

Having studied fashion at college and now at university, its a massive part of my life. Keeping up with the latest trends is important, but I’m guilty of not paying attention to the effect its having on the environment. A change in mindset is what I am trying to implement this year – that I don’t have to buy into every new trend and that being seen in the same outfit twice is more than okay; in fact its completely normal! That counts for Instagram too, as bloggers we’re all guilty of wearing an outfit once for a shoot and never featuring it again, sustainable? Absolutely not!

Here are some small changes I’m trying to make this year in order to make my wardrobe more sustainable…

Invest and rewear. The biggest issue within our society is that we all buy into fast fashion, and it doesn’t take much for us to do so. Although places like Primark are great if you want a cheap fix, they’re not ethical. You’re investing in garments which aren’t made ethically and fashioned from materials that are likely not to last. Whereas shopping high end and investing in big pieces, although slightly heftier on your bank card, you’re purchasing things that haven’t been made in factories thousands of miles away and they’re pieces that can be re-worn for years.


Having said this more and more stores are jumping on the sustainable trend and the more we buy from these ranges, the more that sustainable fashion is being promoted and a movement is being made.

Also if you’re anything like me and love a bargain, check out your local charity shops and have a look through Depop, a great app to buy second had and further reduce the consumption of fast fashion. Not only this, but there are some really great branded pieces on there for just a fraction of the price. Charity shops are also great for this; I was so reluctant to buy in charity shops, until very recently. I saw a fellow blogger rave about some of the bits she found at her local store and that was enough to make me check mine out! Admittedly they aren’t always full of great bits and bobs, but if you rifle through enough you’re bound to find some gems hidden in there!


As fashion bloggers and influencers, I believe we have some responsibility to shift and assist the sustainability movement in fashion. If we all start taking small steps, this can lead to great changes!

Han xx


6 thoughts on “Making Ethical Fashion Choices

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post, I think it’s really important people realise it’s the small steps that actually make a really big difference! Thank you lovely ✨

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  1. I’m glad to see you’re aware that as a fashion blogger, you need to be more conscious. I guess if fashion is part of your niche, studies and career, cutting down is easier said than done because as you said, you need to keep on-trend, somewhat. Have you thought about off-setting your purchases? For example, every time you buy a new item donating to an organisation to plant a tree or for every new item you buy, you have to recycle an item you already have or buying quality pieces that won’t need replacing even when trends change, just a few suggestions.

    Francisca |

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