Where is My Blog Going in 2020

I’m sure you’ve heard enough people say this already, but I can’t quite believe 2019 is nearly over. 2020 has come round quicker than I could have imagined, but the prospect of a new year and new goals has got me really excited!

June of 2020 will mark three years since I started up my blog (which again, has gone SO quick), however towards the tail end of 2019, I’ve really started to pin point what content I enjoy creating the most; so alas, in the coming year I’m aiming to majorly step up my blogging and social media game. 

You’ll notice that ever since I started university, my blog has been sort of an all or nothing kind of platform. One week I’ll post three times then the next week, I wouldn’t have had time to create any new content. The most important thing for me to start focusing on is providing valuable content that I’m proud to publish, so I guess the biggest change I’ll be making to the blog is that I’ll only be publishing once a week. This will take the weight and pressure off me a bit, and will allow me to create content which provides value.

Theres also going to be a reshuffle of topics I’ll be chatting about. The lifestyle post will still make an appearance, as will my embarrassing stories. Likewise the fashion content will stay fairly similar to what it has been, but I’m hoping to work on the quality of it, stepping it up and all that! 

An addition which will be making an appearance is more blogging and social media tips. I actually have a lot of experience in working with improving websites and social media channels within businesses and I would really like to impart this knowledge and help others out! I’m not sure how frequent these posts will crop up, but it’s definitely something I want to make a frequent feature. 

In terms of my other social media platforms, like Instagram, I’m hoping to work on also. Instagram is so hit and miss and it’s one of those platforms which a lot of people go through phases of either loving or hating. I want my Instagram content to start reflecting my blog content; providing value to my followers. That, and I also want to step up my photo game in the coming year!

What are your goals for 2020? 

Han x 

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