How To Relax This Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and as much as it should be a time for relaxing, enjoying yourself and eating so many roast potatoes that come Boxing Day you resemble one yourself, it can also be fairly stressful. The Christmas parties, gift buying and giving and trying to fit in seeing relatives you haven’t seen since last Christmas can get very overwhelming.

If you’re anything like me and get flustered easily, all these festive situations can quickly suck the fun out of Christmas. I thought I would share with you how I keep my stress levels down and my mental health in check throughout the party season!

Festive Films

It wouldn’t be a christmassy post unless I brought up Christmas films! I won’t lie, I’ve been watching Christmas films since October, I just love them! There’s nothing more festive then filling your room with candles and fairly lights, making a big hot chocolate and enjoying a Christmas classic. Some of my favs are Christmas With The Kranks, Love Actually and Elf – I will never get bored of these!

Long Walks

Since having weekends off, I’ve loved being able to go for long walks at the weekend. Martin and I have a Border Collie together, and every week I look forward to our Sunday afternoon walks up the downs. They’re perfect to escape the real world for a little bit!

Me Time

There’s nothing that a relaxing bubble bath, chucking on a face mask and a fresh layer of tan! Taking time out for myself is SO crucial not only to destress, but to also keep my mental health in tact.

My me time isn’t always bubble baths and face masks, sometimes it’s just taking myself away from everyone and doing something I enjoy (normally knitting or crochet, I know, I’m an old lady! But they both really help me destress and stay level headed).


I guess this kind of slots under the ‘me time’ category. But blogging is another way, especially when I’m overwhelmed, that I can relax. Since starting my new job which involves feature writing, I’ve really fallen back in love with not only blogging but writing in general!

Family Time

Take some time away from social media and anything else that will add to the stress of Christmas and just be present! I love sitting downstairs with my parents and watching telly, no electronics and it really allows me to just be calm and present in the moment!

What are your tips for staying calm throughout the festive season?

Han x

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