Why We Shouldn’t Be Getting So Hung Up On Instagram

The dreaded Instagram topic. What used to be a fairly causal platform where you’d simply post a photo with the Nashville filter and be done with it. Instagram influencers weren’t yet a thing. And blogger drama because of the platform was totally unheard of.

It’s safe to say Instagram has become the lifeblood for the vast majority of the blogging community, especially over the past couple of years. However, I recently started following Vix Meldrew (if you don’t follow her already, you’re missing out), but Vixs’ posts really started to make me think. I began to realise that as bloggers we need to stop being so reliant on the platform. Especially when its evolving so much.

So why should we be caring less about the platform which has we’ve become so dependent on?

Your Blog Content Lives on Forever

Instagram posts tend to only be popular for around a week after they’ve been posted. I’ve noticed that as soon as it disappears off the 9, it no longer gets any interaction. Blog posts, on the other hand, stay relevant for much longer. Helpful and interesting content can be passed around for months. You don’t search for Instagram content, but you do search Google which is where your blog appears!

Pinterest VS Instagram

Having recently signed up to Grow and Glow Co, I can’t stress enough how important Pinterest is for your blog/business! Pinterest images are often much more circulated and well received as opposed to Instagram. Pinterest posts are also shared for years, which is a rarity in the Instagram world!

It’s Just ONE Social Platform

Instagram really isn’t something to lose sleep over. We’re all guilty of focussing all our attention on it, but it’s only one platform. There are so many other platforms out there which can support your blog and business that don’t have such crappy algorithms, it’s important to utilise these too!

Your Instagram Could Vanish at Any Moment

Scary, I know. But I know a fair few bloggers who have lost everything to do with their Instagram literally overnight. The possibility of getting hacked, banned or deactivated is always there. If this isn’t an incentive to not put all your eggs in one basket, I don’t know what is.

Blog Posts Are Still Relevant

Brands know that they can’t rely solely on influencers’ Instagram accounts, which is why the majority of brands I get approach me will ask for a blog post. They haven’t decreased in value and they lend themselves a lot better to marketing and advertisement. There’s only so much you can do in an Instagram post!

A message to myself and all my fellow blogger friends, do what you enjoy! Stop comparing your account and your content to anyone else’s. We all have individual voices and ways of expressing, so you do you! If we all posted the same thing, had the same looking accounts, it would be SO boring!

Han x

One thought on “Why We Shouldn’t Be Getting So Hung Up On Instagram

  1. great post Hannah! i’m trying to focus more on my blog & twitter lately, but use instagram as my space where I can share things in the moment, whilst promoting my blog there too. i like to scroll through instagram but like to read blog posts more! hope you’ve had a lovely weekend x

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