AD | The Road To Brighter Skin – With Alya Skin Care

I can’t be the  only one who struggles with dry dull skin in the cooler months. In the summer months my skin is always glowing, but come October the lack of vitamin d really does start to take its toll.

Alya Skin is a brand that I’ve recently become quite familiar with. I came across them on Instagram; over the past few years they’ve quickly gained popularity within the beauty world. When they very kindly offered to send over a few bits from their brightening range I jumped at the offer!

Who Are Alya?

Alya Skin are an Australian brand, specialising in gentle skincare. Everything is also pink, what’s not to love? All their products are natural and vegan, which was another big tick for me! They produce a whole range of products including moisturisers, exfoliators and this wonderful pink face mask.

What’s the Big Deal?

Since moving back home from university, I’ve very much neglected my skincare routine, not that I ever really had a regimented one in place…whoops. I’m more of a chuck a simple moisturiser on before work and be done with it. However, with the cold weather drying and dulling my skin I thought it was about time I injected some more life into it. The mask claims to:

  • Detoxify and brighten your skin
  • Safe for sensitive skin (perfect for my eczema prone skin)
  • Tightens the skins pores
  • Extract all the nasties from your skin
  • Assist in the prevention of spots
  • Vegan and cruelty free

Sit Back and Relax…

I was so excited when this arrived, so much so that I took some time on a Saturday morning for some self care. I rarely implement self care into my diary, let alone on a busy Saturday morning!

Like pretty much ever face mask ever, it’s fairly simple to apply, just be cautious of the eye and mouth area. The first thing I noticed was the lovely creamy texture of the mask, it felt good quality which I struggle to find in most face masks!

Once the mask had been applied I just left it to sit for 10/15 minutes, this is when most people sit back and chill. Not me. Think I spent the entire 15 minutes changing my bed sheets and hoovering my room…

After letting it sit for 10ish minutes, I just used a damp face cloth to wash it away. Occasionally my face feels quite dried out after using face masks, but after using the Alya Skin mask, it felt hydrated and looked SO much brighter. It takes a lot to make me look human early on a Saturday morning, but this some how worked a miracle!

What are your go to skin care products?

Han x

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