Money Saving Tips From an Intern

I’ve gone on and on about how back in July I started my year as an intern. Typically, intern wages are never great, some companies don’t even pay interns, awful, I know. Luckily, I’ve bagged myself one that pays decent.

Having said this, I’ve still been a student for two years and even now have to be careful with what I spend, after all I do have another year of university to power on through.

If I hadn’t been a savvy saver before starting my degree, I would probably be in big trouble by this point. I’ve become very strict with my money, making sure that I save but still live my life as a young adult. I thought I would share with you my top money saving tips that I’ve found handy whilst being a student and an intern.

Charity Shops

Honestly, a year ago, the thought of buying second-hand clothes wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. But I’ve recently started investigating my local stores and have found some absolute gems. Not only has this been great for my bank account, but it’s so much better for the environment. You can still look good and save the planet on a budget.

You Don’t Have to Buy into Every Trend

Being a fashion blogger, I’m constantly having a battle with myself whether I do or don’t buy into the latest trend that every other blogger has jumped onto. Resisting the urge to throw away money on the latest trends, was HARD. I literally had to talk myself out of buying certain things.

Not buying into all the trends also made me re-think the clothes I do own. How can I style things differently? And forced me to get into gear regarding getting rid of things I didn’t wear. Do your bit and take them to charity shops!

Set Up A Savings Account

I only set up a savings account at the start of this year, but now I’m on a proper wage half of my wage instantly goes into my savings and I don’t touch it. It’s turned into my emergency fund. It also means that I can’t unnecessarily spend the money I earn because it isn’t there for me to do so! I’ve found that seeing the numbers go up in my savings account encouraged me to want to save more!

You Don’t Have to Say Yes

In all honestly, I don’t love going out out anyway, so I never have to worry about blowing all my money on reckless nights out. Having said that, I know everyone isn’t like me. Being a student it is hard to say no when all your friends are going out.

But just ask yourself, do you really need to go out clubbing for the 5th time this month? It gets expensive and you can have just as much fun staying in.

Evaluate Your Outgoings

Are there bills you don’t need coming out? Things that you can avoid paying out for. The answer is probably yes. I get that things like rent and the food shop are unavoidable, but things like a gym membership you don’t use, get rid! It might only be £30 but it will make the world of difference!

What are your money saving tips?

Han x


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