My Plans for the Last Two Months of 2019

So, somehow, it’s already halfway through November. The past 11 months have absolutely flown by; I know I say this every year, but they really have this year! I think as I get older and have more and more going on in my life, the quicker time seems to go! Gone are the days of me sitting around complaining that I’m bored!

This year has been one of the best yet. After finishing my second year of university, with a First (!!!), I bagged myself an internship, got my first set of articles published, bought a car, spent lots well needed time with Martin and went on a lovely holiday to Lanzarote. It really has been all go this year, however, it’s not over yet! There’s still plenty of time for things to happen…

The last two months…

My hot summer holiday was just what I needed. I’ve not had any time off work/university since August 2018, so I think it’s safe to say my week away was well deserved. It did my mental health the world of good and I landed back in England ready and rearing to go!

My blog

I feel like my personal life has been neglected since starting my new role as an intern. It takes me a while to settle into new routines and changes in my life. So, my blog has been pushed to the side a bit over the past couple of months. But now I’ve started to find my feet again, I’m hoping I can get it back into some sort of schedule and overall just up my game in the blogging world!

I’ve finally singed up to Grow and Glow Co, which I’m so excited for. I’ve also promised myself that in the new year I will treat my blog to a redesign and new domain name – something that I have been meaning to do for months now!


As I mentioned, in July I started my internship year. Initially I was doing a lot of graphic design work, as that’s my forte. However, over the past month or so, I’ve been able to dabble a bit more into the editorial side of the company.

Seeing as my blog and writing is my side hustle, I wanted to start utilising it more within my role. Luckily enough my manager was really understanding of this and since then I’ve been given more and more writing responsibility which is fab! Hopefully for the remainder of this year, this will be my primary focus!


Routine is something I need in my life to function properly, as silly as it sounds! I’ve not had a proper routine since finishing second year, but for the next couple of months I want to get myself back into one.

Getting up at the same time, going to work and having a training schedule back in place! I ran a marathon in August, however since then I’ve only really been training 3-4 times a week. I want to get back into a proper running routine as this I find helps keep the rest of my life in order!


And finally, Christmas of course! Now bonfire night and Halloween are officially over, I can talk about Christmas without people moaning at me!

I’m determined to be organised this year and get all my shopping done well in advance and not have to worry! Let’s see whether this actually happens…

What are you plans for the rest of 2019?

Han x

4 thoughts on “My Plans for the Last Two Months of 2019

  1. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much getting away from it all with a well deserved lil holiday can help us out? It sounds like the end to the year will be awesome ♥ as for me, I’m not up to anything much apart from working as I recently started freelancing full time, and in December I’m off to Vienna for some Christmas markets 😀 x

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  2. Congrats on your stellar uni marks! It sounds like that holiday is truly deserved. I work seasonally and hope to get back home by the end of next week after being away since July (ugh) and just hang out and catch up with family and friends, go to a few concerts, and I’m going to Cancun, Mexico for New Years! Another well deserved holiday if I do say so myself 😉

    Rachel ||

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