Putting Some Care Into My Hair


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week! I for one am glad the weekend is here; this week has been one of those weeks that has dragged. I mean by the time it got to Wednesday I was exhausted and fully ready for the weekend…not good when I still had two days of work left!

It doesn’t help the nights are drawing in, its dark by half four and the temperature has dropped massively. I don’t know about you, but in the winter months I suffer with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) – you can read more here if you wish. It’s very common, but it does mean I have to take extra good care of myself in the winter.

So, with me feeling a bit meh, I thought it was time to treat myself and ‘revamp’ my hair.

A bit of background on my hair story, I’ve always been blonde. I was naturally bright blonde as a child, but then as I got older it started to get darker, which is when I started dying and bleaching it. Something that I massively regret now.

I would say I’ve been dying my hair blonde for about 5 years now and it finally got to the point where I decided enough was enough and I needed to stop. My poor hair had had enough too, it was snapping off, dry and thinning out.

SO, I’ve finally ditched the bleach, woo! Although in the before and after pictures my hair don’t look too different, it’s a big jump for me. Going from having bleach blonde hair to having it massively toned down has taken a bit of getting used to.

Luckily, my best friend is a hairdresser, so when it comes to getting my hair done, I never get anxious it will go wrong because I always know she’ll do a good job.

Last Friday, I had what’s called low lights put into my hair. So more of my natural colour can be seen running throughout my mop, along with a toner, as we did keep some of the blonde, but needed to strip it of its yellow tones.

The biggest change for me has been the cut. I’m so used to my long hair, that was nearly reaching hip length, but it was so damaged I had to have a drastic amount cut off, and it’s now just past shoulder length. Surprisingly enough, I love the length it is at now. Not only that, but it’s SO much healthier, like SO much. It no longer falls out in clumps either! It’s mad to think how damaging going blonde was! Not only that, but I won’t be paying a small fortune every month for blonde hair products that cost an arm and a leg.

I’m glad I finally took the plunge. It took a while for me to commit to as blonde is all I have ever known, but I think it suits me better. I’ve also vowed to make sure I keep it in good condition and have another appointment booked in for the new year for a trim. I never realised how important getting the ends cut off every couple of months was until now!

What are your best hair care tips?

Han x

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