Approaching Brands As a Blogger

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of being approached by a handful of brands in regards to collaborating with them. However, since working with all of them, I’ve noticed how many of us bloggers avoid contacting brands first. Me included. I think many of us have been put off making the first move due to all the negative comments surrounding the issue.

Approaching brands is a great way of promoting your blog, which ultimately can lead to great business opportunities and developments. What I recently discovered is there are so many bloggers in the industry, you can’t always expect brands to approach you first.

Contacting companies can be daunting, especially if you’re new to the whole thing. Ultimately though, why are we so afraid? I mean the worst thing that could happen is they say no and lets face it, that’s not exactly the end of the word. There will be plenty of opportunities that will be right for you!

The first hurdle we all have converse with is hunting down relevant companies and their contact email. Relevant being the key word, there is no point in working with companies that you aren’t passionate about. You won’t enjoy writing it and your readers won’t enjoy reading it.  When it comes to sourcing emails, I find hopping onto said company website is always the best bet – there tends to be a PR or Marketing email which is always a good first port of call for bloggers.

Second to hunting down companies, the next job is constructing an email that is professional, but is written in your individual brand voice. Since starting to work in publishing, I’ve had to interact with a lot of business people, although not necessarily relevant to the blogging world, I have learnt how to construct a fairly well worded email.


Begin by introducing yourself, your blog, your niche and a reason for why you are getting in contact.


Explain why you want to work with this specific brand, what is it that makes you stand our from everyone else? Keep it genuine, make your passion for the brand and the collaboration really stand out. Convince them that you are best to work with.


Unfortunately stats can often be important to brands when they do make the decision of what bloggers to work with. Create a concise media kit outlining all your key stats across your social media platforms, create something that isn’t too technical but is enough to catch their eye.

Put Forward Your Ideas

It’s all well and good emailing a brand to collaborate with them, however what is really going to entice them is your content ideas. Come up with innovative ideas that will stand out from everyone else. Here is a great place to showcase some of your previous work – link in a post that you’re really proud of, show off your skills!

End Email

Keep the ending brief and professionally sign off. Try to not make the email go on too long as people easily lose interest, so keeping them intrigued is of paramount importance.

Contacting brands can be scary, but after you’ve sent the first one you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about! You may not receive a reply from everyone you email, but this shouldn’t dishearten you!

What are your top tips when contacting brands?

Han x

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