A Week In Lanzarote

This time two weeks ago I was sat sipping cocktails in 30 degree heat, eating ice cream to my hearts content and making the most of my all inclusive pass. Fast forward to now and I’m full of cold, living off lemsip and I can’t remember what it’s like to be warm!


Flying To Lanzarote

I had never really flown before this year, so the fact that I might have a fear of flying had never even crossed my mind. However after flying to Prague and being an anxious mess, it’s safe to say I was dreading the flight to Lanzarote.

There was one difference though, this time I was going with Martin, so I was a lot calmer and more prepared. It was reassuring to be flying with someone who could suppress my flying anxiety.

Surprisingly the dreaded flight actually went really quickly, I popped my headphones in, started a new book and had a cuppa, before I knew it we were landing!



I think we can all agree that there is no better feeling than stepping off the plane and the heat just hitting you. Although we touched down rather late, it was still fairly warm, the heat was accompanied by a subtle breeze which I was thankful for after a stuffy four hour flight.


TUI had thankfully arranged a private taxi transfer for us, so luckily there was no waiting around at the airport for a coach nor touring the island of various different hotels for drop-offs.


Upon arrival to the hotel, we were greeted, given our room card and then headed straight for the bar, I mean it’s not a holiday until the first cocktail has been drank. Despite this, it was incredibly late and we were both tired from a day of traveling. We drank up and headed straight for the room. I couldn’t wait to go to jump into bed and sleep!

Our room was a lovely size for the two of us, with beautiful pool and sea views, which I really do miss waking up to! Martin and I weren’t too concerned about having a fancy room, we’re more focussed on spending time together exploring as this was our first holiday as a couple. Therefore the room was fairly standard, but nothing to complain about!

What We Got Up To

After our much needed beauty sleep, we both woke up fairly early – of course I was up before Martin! However, this did mean I could watch the sunrise over the pool which I thoroughly enjoyed. A quick freshen up and we headed for breakfast. Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day, so you can imagine the excitement when I walked in the restaurant to see an all you can eat buffet. I normally religiously count my calories, however for this holiday, I told myself I wasn’t going to even think about what I was eating, I just wanted to indulge and enjoy myself! So of course, I filled my boots with pastries and coffee and was nicely set up for the rest of the day.


Our first full day in Lanzarote, we thought we would walk into the town centre, I can now confirm walking seven miles in 30 degree heat was not the best idea we’ve ever had! Arricife is the capital of Lanzarote, but being a rather small island it was worlds apart form what I had envisioned. When you say capital, I instantly think London or New York, but Arricife is a tiny little old town, full of typical Spanish architecture. After a wander, we rewarded ourselves with a beer over looking the sea, this was much deserved after such a long few hours on our feet in the extreme heat!


Whilst we were away, we made a deal that we both got to pick at least one excursion to do. I had my heart set on visiting Futerventura for the day. So, on Tuesday we were up bright and early to catch the ferry over. With the Canary Islands being so close together the journey there was no longer than an hour. We crammed a lot into our day visit, starting off by taking in the wonderful coastal views – you can see Lanzarote from the coast of Futureventure, which provides some breath taking photos. Followed by the biggest bowl of Paella, my new favourite dish of choice! Slowly meandering our way across to the stunning village of Betancuria; for me this was easily the most beautiful part of the trip, of course with another beer stop thrown in there. As we began our decent back to Lanzarote we stopped off to feed the chipmunks, SO adorable. Martin has always said that chipmunks are my spirit animal due to my chubby cheeks, you can draw your own conclusions! Finally stopping off at the stunning white sand dunes in La Oliva, this was my highlight of the day. I could have just stayed here and watched the world go by for hours, the perfect end to a very action packed day.


Martins choice of excursion was a trip down to Playa Blanca, another stunning coastline of Lanzarote. Playa Blanca has a lot more going on than what our tiny village did. We started off the day by wandering round the markets, soaking up the sun and making the most of the clear blue skies. Later treating ourselves to a cheeky cocktail, of course I jumped at the chance to have a mojito, which I can hand on my heart say it was THE BEST mojito I have ever tasted. We then hopped onto a boat trip – I’ve never been too won over by boat trips, but it wasn’t my place to interfere, this was Martins choice after all. Having said this I had the best time. Greeted with yet more stunning coastline views, not only this, but it was a glass bottomed boat, which meant we got to see all the fish swimming beneath us – it was utterly magical! After out boat trip we then started to make our way back to the hotel, stopping off at the Ceaser Manrique museum. Being a bit art obsessed, I was in my element whilst we were walking around. With his incredibly innovative concepts, I think even Martin enjoyed wandering round it! We then finished our day down by the pool, obligatory really!

Our last ‘going out’ day was spent at Puerto del Carmen beach, consisting of more cocktails and our first ice cream of the holiday! I’m surprised disappointed we managed to get to Thursday and not eat ice cream! This beach had nothing on the beaches back here in England – sand stretched as far as the eye could see and the water was blue, not grey, a rarity in the UK, not only this the sea water was actually warm!


After a jam packed start to the week, our final few days were spent by the pool, taking advantage of the all inclusive cocktails, soaking up the sun and getting a tan. Or should I say attempting to get a tan, unfortunately I never tan, the same can’t be said for Martin though, he just has to look as the sun to get the gorgeous holiday glow! Me jealous? No!


Lanzarote did not disappoint, it was just what I needed to relax and unwind. A trip made even more special as I got to spend it with Martin. Okay, enough of me gushing over him. I hope this has been an enjoyable post and helpful to anyone that may be travelling to the Canary Islands soon!

I’m now going to spend the foreseeable future wishing I was back in the serenity of Lanzarote and not the chaos of Brighton!

Han x

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