5 Date Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank


There’s nothing I love more than spending time with Martin, I love making memories and I think it’s so important too do so. However, dating can be expensive and since we are both saving for our future, we’ve both had to come up with some in-expensive date ideas.


We both love the cinema, but quickly realized that frequent trips to Cineworld were starting to get costly. Therefore, we both invested in a Cineworld Unlimited card, £17 a month to see as many movies as we want. It’s an ideal way to still go out and do things we enjoy, but at a fraction of the price.


Being very active, we tend to enjoy walks all year round, but having a 11-month-old collie puppy makes it even more fun. We live very close to the beach, which is always my first choice, but also equally as close to plenty of countryside routes.


Or pub dates, both are just as nice. Living very close to a whole selection of cutesy cafes and indie pubs, we’re always spoilt for choice when it comes to going for a drink. A lot of the places that take our fancy are independent, so it’s a date idea that really doesn’t break the bank.


Being both massive foodies, we love a home cooked meal, sometimes even more so than a meal out. We tend to take it in turns with who cooks, my specialty has to be a Thai curry.


One that probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and may raise a few eyebrows. Martin and I are both very into out fitness, me with my running and him with his weights. I can often get into his gym as a plus one, I always enjoy training with him and definitely think it can be classed as a date night!

What are your best cheap date night ideas?

Han x

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