Blogging With A Full Time Job

Whether you’re a full time worker or full time student, blogging can be a great side hustle and fab hobby. I’ve always loved being able to write and share it with like minded people.

I’ve been blogging for nearly 3 years now, granted its been a bit on an off throughout the first 2 years. But ever since I started work full time, I thought I owe myself a bit of credit. Being able to keep up with a blogging schedule alongside a 9-5, all whilst still having time for everything else in your life is a difficult balance to strike. So many of my blogging friends seem to do this with complete ease, but I know the struggle of making it work. I thought I would share a few words of wisdom for those still seeking the balance between the 2.


This one is great if you’re new to blogging, have an idea of where you want your content to go, what you want it to be focussed on and who you want it to be read by.


I won’t lie, sticking to a schedule when it comes to blogging can be SO hard! However, having a schedule means that you can consistently post, even when you’re working a 9-5.

Make sure you’re schedule fits in with your life, find out what works best for your day to day life.

Also, plan your content in advance, I always plan the ‘skeleton’ of my blog at least a month in advance. Just a quick mind map of what I want to cover on the blog that month and some post names. This helps me so much when I sit down to write, it cuts out the risk of writers block.


There’s a whole list of other tasks that come along with blogging – photo taking, photo editing, proof reading etc. Make sure you set enough time aside for all the tasks. Block out sections of time for blog maintenance, engagement and everything in-between. This has always helped me feel less overwhelmed.


Even when I wasn’t working full time, blogging took up a lot more time than I initially thought it would. But it’s worth staying committed to in the long run. I can be easy to just ditch it after a few months, but perseverance and hard work are the 2 things needed to make it in the blogging world.

I’ve found that blogging is about trial and error, you’re never going to get it right first time, which initially can be disheartening. After finding that balance and the schedule that works for you, you’ll realise that all of the initial stress was worth it!


I try my best to post twice a week, anything more than this and I then start to struggle to fit anything else in. By setting myself realistic goals I still have time to see my family and friends! Making sure I still have a life outside of work and blogging!

How did you find the balance between blogging and work/life?!

Han x


One thought on “Blogging With A Full Time Job

  1. The first time I started a blog I was in uni and ended up quitting the blog and focusing on work. This time around, I have ended up quitting my work and focusing on my blog and freelancing! It is completely crazy working full time and trying to get a side hustle going – I knew writing is what I wanted to do full time so I needed to focus on it. I just couldn’t juggle everything and get the outcome I wanted – congratulations on trying and managing to do so for three years – you. are. awesome! ♥


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