{ad} Girls Night Out – Outfit Ideas

*This post is in collaboration with FemmeLuxe – the items were kindly gifted to me.

I’ve never been one for going out every weekend. If I’m perfectly honest my idea of a Saturday night is that of one snuggled up watching tv, in bed by 11. Probably worlds apart from most weekends of people in their twenties.

However, when I do go out, I always like to make an effort. Seeing as going out drinking is a rare occasion for me, outfit planning takes place weeks in advance. I think the whole of the female community can collectively agree that outfit planning can be stressful. I’ve recently paired up with Femme Luxe to create 4 going out looks.


I honestly thought I wouldn’t go within a mile of neon after the age of 9. But here I am all over the current trend. I’m very much a jeans and a nice top kind of gal when it comes to going out. So, this neon body suit was one that I couldn’t resist. Effortlessly cool and literally takes all of about 5 minutes to style.




I can’t resist pink at the best of times, let alone when it’s neon. Reaching for my extremely distressed mom jeans, to make a simple yet stylish look. One that really will make people stop and stare!




I’m a sucker for a good co-ord, even more so when I’m slightly more covered up. I wouldn’t go as far as saying this is a modest outfit as such, but it’ll keep me a bit warmer than a dress would. Ultimately my priority as I hate the cold. Chuck on a pair of red heels and a clutch, you’re ready to go.




Considering the little black dress is something pretty much every woman owns, my wardrobe is very much lacking in this department. Going for something figure hugging that makes me feel confident is always at the top of my list when it comes to dress hunting. Being such a versatile piece, I’ve found this dress lends itself well to being both dressed up and down. It’s also screaming for a red lip, you cant go wrong!




I hope this has given you some inspiration when the dreaded night out, outfit planning looms!

What’s your favorite go to night out outfit?

Han x

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