9-5 Life After University

Don’t worry, the iconic Dolly Parton song won’t stay stuck on repeat in your head forever…I promise.

3 months ago, I started my internship in Publishing, which don’t get me wrong I absolutely love and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity. But getting used to the whole 9-5 thing was a massive hurdle. I think all us who have been to university can collectively agree that university life and work life are worlds apart.

It’s not like I hadn’t ever worked 9-5 before; I’ve been earning my own income since 13 – so you would think the whole work thing wouldn’t be foreign anymore. I’d spent all my summer, Christmas and Easter breaks working 10+ hour shifts as a waitress. So, I’m used to the long days. However, I always new that I was going to get a break from work in a few weeks when the new term started.

Due to my course being very intense, I was used to hefty workload, which when not dealt with probably could have left me working through my weekends. However, working weekends whilst on holiday, these free days became more valuable to me at university. Spent doing student-y things, coffee dates, shopping, blogging, girls’ nights out etc. Something that I thought would continue long into my 9-5 working life. I don’t think it ever dawned on me that these days off would become even more valuable to me when no longer at university.

After 3 months I think I’m finally settling into the work life. I thrive when I’ve got structure in my life, so having a set routine within my job has benefited me a lot. Unlike most people, I wake up in the morning and look forward to going into work – being only twenty, this is a privileged position to be in. Being able to work in an industry that is a passion of mine, probably sped up the process of getting used to working 9-5, I know so many people that have unfortunately never settled into this routine.

Although getting used to it may have taken some time, there are so many perks I’ve come across along the way. I’m getting paid for something I enjoy doing, not only this but money isn’t so much of a worry. At university it was pretty much my only worry (along with doing well). But now I can afford the things I want.

I’ve noticed that I value my spare time so much more now. Looking forward to spending valuable time with my boyfriend and family. Spending my evenings running and blogging, which although I had time for when at university, I value a lot more now.

Don’t get me wrong, you probably won’t have as much energy as you did at university and finding time to still do the things you enjoy can be hard. But I think I’ve done an alright job at adjusting so far!

Han x

2 thoughts on “9-5 Life After University

  1. It’s great to read that the 9-5 is working for you so nicely. After two and a half years I am so done with it and now I am trying to become a full time freelancer, as the same structure for me, just does not work! x

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