Holiday Hand Luggage Essentials

In just over 2 weeks I’ll be jetting off to Lanzarote, my third holiday of the year! I’ve never really travelled much prior to this year, but since overcoming a lot of the anxiety I had around travelling, I’ve really tried to make the most of it!

As I’ve had my fair share of travelling opportunities this year, alongside making plenty of mini breaks around the UK, I’d like to think I’ve mastered the cary on luggage situation.

I’m a  massive planner, therefore what I’m taking with me in my hand luggage is always planned far in advance, making sure I have entertainment to keep my mind of flying alongside all the essential travel documents.

Hand Luggage Essentials 

Ever since getting delayed on my way out to Paris at the start of the year, entertainment  is always at the top of my list for hand luggage! I made the mistake of just having my phone to keep me occupied, but its safe to say, that being an anxious traveller, that really didn’t do the job! I love to have a good book to hand, alongside a pair of headphones. I find listening to my favourite music will always pre-occupy me!

I love to travel in big comfy clothes, whether that be one of my many hoodies or a huge knitted cardigan. Although most of the time I’ll be landing in hot countries, I’m always freezing when I’m on the plane. Being able to snuggle up in a big cardi is exactly what I need!

A few beauty essentials too, but I never go overboard with these. A good face moisturiser and some face wipes for when I land, alongside some hand sanitiser and hand cream. I don’t know about you, but I hate the feeling of having dirty hands, and public transport is bound to make me feel slightly gross, so a hand sanitiser is essential. Chuck a hair brush in there too – I always try my best to nod off during a flight as it goes quicker and there’s less panicking from me that my other half has to deal with! But it’s safe to say, that even though I may wake up feeling refreshed, I look like the wild woman of Borneo with hair sticking up in all angles! It’s not a look, let me tell you.

Travel documents are a must, something that I check about 50 times before I leave the house. Sure, I can grab another moisturiser at the airport if I forget it, but not having my passport or boarding pass is a different story!

Of course, you can’t forget the snacks and drinks! I get through a lot of water day to day anyway, but for some reason, I always feel SO dehydrated after travelling. So a big bottle of water is a must, particularly when flying. Can’t forget the sweets either! I don’t tend to eat proper food when travelling as I find it makes me feel a bit queasy, not a feeling you want to have thousands of feet up in the air. But I won’t get on a plane without some sweets to suck on when taking off and landing!

What are your travel necessities?!

Han x


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