I’m Back!!!

Hi, Hello,

6 months away from blogging and I’ve forgotten how to start a post, we’re off to a strong start…

I suppose I should start with where the hell I’ve been? I vanished from the blogging world back in February, without a trace, literally. Sometimes you need a break. My priorities were with university and as the workload was increased, the blogging and social media-ing had to take a back seat.

However, we’re now nearly in August, side note; how is it already August, just mildly terrifying. I’ve finally settled in back home and found some spare time to blog and get writing again.

I recently finished my second year of studying, with a First, no biggie! And managed to bag myself an internship, which I started at the beginning of July. So, I’m now Content and Events Assistant, basically a designer and social media gal. My perfect job really! I’ve settled in really well, and I’m sure that working for a magazine company is probably the fuel to my writing spark making a re-appearance!

So much has gone on these past few months, too much to update you all on in one blog post, but I just wanted to pop back up and show my face again – let you all know I’m still here, and that I’ll be back blogging!

Han xx


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