I Got The Job…

The most egoistic blog post ever? Yep.

I’ve been making a conscious effort to write down all of the good things that happen throughout the month, as I have a tendency to forget and complain my life is shit. It’s not.  It’s nice to take a step back at the end of each month and reflect on everything I’ve achieved, get a bit soppy and grateful for everything in my life.

I was dreading March, as March last year, I decided I didn’t want to be at university, I was desperately unhappy and basically saw no hope. Enough of the sob story, fast forward a year and anyone who’s been following me for a while will know I soon came to my senses and bucked my ideas up. Anyway, March kind of had bad connotations for me, but not to lick my own arse, but I have absolutely smashed March this year.

With the weather picking up, evenings getting lighter and SAD being a thing of the past, here’s why my March has been a fab month…

Sold My First Piece of Art 

Last year I decided I wanted to take up crochet – I already sew/knit/draw, but crochet seemed like fun. Initially picked up as a hobby, I’ve kind of done a bing thing and turned it into a little business. Still very small scale, but a big deal that I sold my first crochet blanket – baby steps! I will hopefully have an Etsy shop up over the summer, but in the mean time, feel free to give my art Instagram account a follow, @textilesbyhan

Special Recognition and a 1st At Uni 

Self-doubt is a thing of the past; my latest project at university was a live brief for Sainsbury’s home, in which Sainsbury’s awarded me special commendation for my work, and I also achieved a First grade for that project! Winner winner.

Started A New Blog Instagram 

Something that probably doesn’t really count as an ‘achievement’ as such, but for so long I was ridiculously worried about being judged for my blog, but this month is clearly month of me saying ‘fuck it’ and gaining a lot more confidence in myself. So it’s kinda a big deal that I finally plucked up the courage to do this!

Secured Media Work

Over the past few months I’ve been working alongside Leicester Media Productions, and recently managed to secure work with a local media company running their social media accounts for the next few months, in the lead up to a big launch! Keep your eyes peeled for more on this soon!

Booked a Girls Holiday 

Something that I have spoken about for ages, but have been too anxious to put into practice. I’ve finally booked a holiday to Prague for my friends 21st birthday, roll on June! Look out for the blog posts, as I’m sure there will be a few!


NO BIG DEAL BUT I DID A THING. I had kept this very low key as I didn’t want to get mine (or anyone else’s) hopes up too much. However since October I have been working tirelessly on applying for internship after internship after internship. Just as I started to doubt whether I was even good enough, a perfect opportunity came along and I have been offered the most fab internship opportunity! Right on my doorstep too, which means I won’t be living 3 hours from home for the year! Thought I’d end on the thing I’m most proud of!

Admittedly I’ve still had a few wobbles throughout the month, but all in all, I’m kinda proud of myself for the things I’ve achieved. I’ve always worked hard for what I want and when it all finally starts to pay off, it really does feel amazing!

What have you achieved this month?

All my love,

Han xx

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