72 Hours In Paris

You know that famous Audrey Hepburn saying, “Paris is always a good idea”? Well I can now safely say there’s truth in that quote. I recently returned back from Paris, with only 72 hours there and one day being filled with a Fashion and Textile trade show, it was all go go go when trying to squeeze in the sites in the remaining time. If you’ve got a trip to Paris planned, I’ve got the perfect 72 hour travel plan, and must see sites for you!

I’ve never been to Paris before, but it quickly became one of my favourite cities; quite the change from the streets of Leicester that I’m used to!

I think my favourite thing about Paris is that you can aimlessly wander for hours and never get bored. I walked until my feet hurt, taking in the beautiful architecture and scenery, and not once did I get bored.

Here’s how I chose to spend my 72 hours in the city of lights.

For this trip I stayed in a hotel which was just outside of the centre of Paris, about a 10 minute metro journey – I won’t lie, the metro was the one thing that I was really worried about navigating, but it took no time at all to get used to and not once did I get lost! I stayed in an Ibis, which overlooked onto the most beautiful canal, which was just perfect to wake up to. I didn’t have much say in the hotel, seeing as this was a university lead trip we didn’t have an option, however very little time was spent there, so there was nothing to moan about. Comfy beds, and a good ol’ buffet breakfast to wake up to in the morning!


The first night we didn’t arrive into Paris until around 8PM, we were meant to arrive at 1PM, but Eurostar complications, need I say no more. So there wasn’t much time to investigate once we arrived, it was late and we were all hangry by that point. Heading straight for a takeaway and movie night, getting to bed early so we could have a jam packed day of exploring the next day!

For our first adventure we were up and out by 9AM sharp to head to Versailles; possibly some of the most breath taking architecture I have ever seen in my life. Versailles is quite a way out form the centre or Paris, around 15 minutes on the metro, then 45 minutes on the RER – but well worth the travel. For the entirety of our trip we were incredibly lucky with the weather, blue skies and double digit temperatures which made the whole experience even more enjoyable. I think my favourite part about Versailles was the gardens, much like the palace itself, the gardens are just as breathtaking.

After a morning exploring Versailles, a quick coffee stop was in order to re-charge, ready for the afternoon. At the top of my list for places to explore was of course the Eiffel Tower, wouldn’t be a trip to Paris otherwise! Just a short RER ride from Versailles, and I’m about to sound very blonde, but I never knew the Eiffel Tower was so…big?? It’s huge! I was like an excitable child when visiting it; it’s been somewhere that I have wanted to go to for the longest time, so finally being able to go was a bit of a surreal moment! We spent plenty of time wandering around the area and getting all the typical touristy pictures! Ending up at the Art De Triomphe, another amazing piece of history.

Next on my list was the Louvre which we arrived to just as the sun was starting to set, which made the experience even more exciting. Much like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre was pretty high up on my list of places to go too – I would have loved to have gone in to it, but we didn’t have the time to! However, just seeing the architecture and the architecture around it was absolutely beautiful! By this point the lack of sleep and food was starting to kick in, so we briefly headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and take the weight off our feet for a while!

For dinner we ended up in a lovely Cafe in Bastille, and finishing the night with Crepes, it would be rude not too! So I would say our first day in Paris was fairly successful. 26,897 steps later, my bed was calling my name!


Another early start on the second day, this time to head out to Parc De Expositions, basically a massive exhibition centre to attend a Textile Trade show, the prime reason behind my visit to Paris. After a morning filled with fashion (I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my morning), we headed back to the hotel, the heels came straight off, trainers on and back out we went exploring.


Our second afternoon was much more chilled and relaxed than our first one, like I mentioned at the start of this post, Paris is pretty much one of those places that you can just aimlessly wander round and never get bored of, and this is exactly what we did. Starting off our afternoon at Notre-Dame, which is the most gorgeous place I visited. I was just in ore of all the Parisian buildings, definitely somewhere I can see myself living in, in the future! Our wandering took us down to the Ponnes Des Arts Bridge, you know, the one with all the love locks – we went down here on Valentines Day, so as you can probably guess it was couple central, nonetheless still very cute. Although, I am disappointed that I didn’t see not even one proposal!

A pit stop for dinner, and more crepes of course. Then our evening took us back to the Eiffel Tower, because seeing it once wasn’t enough, clearly! I wanted to see it all lit up too – as I’m sure you all know, every hour on the hour the Eiffel Tower twinkles, and I couldn’t go to Paris and not see this! It was everything I anticipated it to be, and more.


Friday quickly rolled round, and believe me when I say I was not ready to leave beautiful Paris. I had quickly fallen in love with the city and didn’t want to come home! We still had the morning to explore, but having to stay fairly close to the hotel, we only ventured to the Pompidou Centre, again another fab tourist attraction that I would highly recommend. Finishing out trip in Paris with a wander round the town, embracing the last of time I had left in the city.


By the end of my trip I had accumulated over 60,000 steps and was absolutely shattered, but I had the most amazing time and I cannot wait to visit again soon!

All my love,

Han xx

5 thoughts on “72 Hours In Paris

  1. I’ve been WAITING for this post. It looks like you had the most amazing time, perfect mix of exploring and doing some of the touristy bits. Also, LOVE your photos! I’ve always wanted to go to Paris but it’s one of those places that I’d only visit for a day or two, like yourself and towards the end of summer so I can get those golden hour angles 😂

    Fran | http://www.franciscarockey.co.uk


  2. Omg I am so jealous! I’ve never been to Paris before and it all looks so fantastic!! Also imagine spending a day on fashion in Paris like what trip goals haha! Glad you had such a lovely time!

    Liked by 1 person

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