A Week In Outfits – Paris 2019

If you don’t follow my Instagram (or twitter for that matter), which if not, why not? Then you won’t know that for the past week I’ve been living my best life out in Paris – eating my body weight in croissants and exploring until my feel were hurting.

The city of lights, and arguably the fashion capital of the world, this post only seemed fitting. Bare in mind that I spent the week exploring and visiting art exhibitions – so all whilst style was at the forefront of my mind, so was practicality, and warmth!

We’ll start with the traveling outfit, which in hindsight, I probably didn’t opt for the most practical of outfits. A mini denim skirt, cute, but not so much when your sitting down. Anyway, it looked stylish, okay? I’m still not over the leopard print trend, and probably never will be, so it was no shock to see me travelling in a leopard print skirt, paired with my trusty Doc Martens (these come with me everywhere), chucked on my suede aviator jacket and a blanket scarf and I was ready to explore Paris…that was until the Eurostar was delayed and my cute outfit was wasted as we didn’t arrive until 9PM. The thought was there though!

IMG_9277 2

Day one in the city of loooveeeee, and the day I fell head over heels in love with Paris. Like I said, practicality was at the forefront of my mind throughout this trip, as 28,000 steps wouldn’t have been possible in a stylish dress and heels. For my first full day in Paris, I reached for my trusty ripped boyfriend jeans – honestly, invest in a pair of boyfriend jeans and theres no going back to skinnys, let me tell you! Paired with a plain striped top, and my aviator and scarf (you’ll notice that both these items barely left my body the entire trip!). Trainers were a must for today, I walked for hours and hours and I was not prepared to potentially get blisters!

My second day in Paris was split between and Fashion and Textiles trade show and also more touristy adventures. The first part of my day, I got to feel like an absolute princess, finally getting the chance to wear my metallic pink midi skirt that has been sat in my wardrobe calling my name for a while now. Paired with my white heeled boots and a simple bandou, I felt like an absolute queen, swish swish bish.


The second pard of my day, was much like the first day, making the most of being a tourist. So back to the hotel it was for a quick change into something a bit comfier. The weather was slightly warmer on the second day than it was the first, so shock, I actually swapped my aviator jacket for my biker jacket! Again paired with my boyfriend jeans and trainers, I was ready for another afternoon exploring my new favourite city!


Friday rolled round far too quickly for my liking, and I think it’s safe to say I did not want to leave! Luckily my Eurostar home wasn’t until the early evening, so I did get to spend a chunk of my day doing some final few tourist attractions. I went with the same, not so practical outfit of a skirt and docs, because silly me didn’t even think of a packing a travelling home outfit!

IMG_9268 2

I had the best time exploring Paris and experiencing a culture that is very different to Leicester to say the least! I’m already planning my next trip back to see all the things I didn’t get time to!

There will be another blog post up within the next week of a little travel diary to tell you all what I got up to whilst I was there, so keep your eyes peeled!

All my love,

Han xx

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