Girl Power: Why Women Need to Support Other Women

“When we support each other, amazing things can happen. When we work together, we ALL benefit. Kindness costs nothing and spreading positivity brings positivity into our own lives. A little girl power can go a long way.”


I’ve always been a girls girl, supporting other girls and having their backs over anything. Apparently not everyone has the same mindset as me though? Still living in a bitter and bitchy age, now more than ever, we should be sticking together like glue and supporting each other.

The list of reasons why we should surround ourselves with strong positive women, is quite frankly endless. I could go on for pages and pages. Not only is having a solid group of girls great for going shopping with (I mean the day all of our boyfriends are enthused by a girly shopping trip, is one I never think I’ll see), but we understand each other. From periods, to body confidence, we get it.

It’s kind of become the norm for girls to typically not get along with each other whether it’s “I get along better with guys” or “Girls are too dramatic”. Sure this may be the case, I’ve been bought up around guys and typically do get along with them better. But this has never hindered my female relationships; if anything is heightened them. However, that’s no excuse as to why we shouldn’t be supporting each other. In a generation where there still isn’t female equality and degrading behaviour is going on right under our noses, we need to stick with each other.

Here’s why we need to cut the crap, and have each others backs.


Putting Each Other Down Needs To Stop

And instead, we start uniting and standing together. It goes without saying that women aren’t always treated with the same level of respect as men, we’re seen as weak, blah blah blah. What men don’t know is as a collective how strong we are. We have enough trouble with the opposite gender thinking they can override us, let alone girls doing the same thing,

Body Shaming Needs To Stop

You’re completely confident with your body? Great! You have insecurities. Don’t we all. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I hear women tearing each other down because of the way they look, or even they way others look at themselves. It’s sad to see that we can’t be body confident, without it being seen as we love ourselves, a bit too much. But that we can’t hate out bodies, because thats not healthy either. We need to find the balance of lifting each and everyone of us to the point that we all accept out bodies. Freckles, birthmarks, stretch marks and everything in between.

STOP hating. STOP judging. 

And for the love of god, stop with the jealousy. I’m sure I’m not the first person who’s told you jealousy is the worst trait anyone can possess. It’s human nature to jump to conclusions, assume things, that most of the time aren’t true. Whether your judging someone for what they’re wearing or their make up – it needs to stop. I mean first of all, you have no idea whats going on in their lives and second of all, think how you would feel. All I’m gonna say. And for the jealousy thing? It’ll only cause you unnecessary stress. Whats done is done. It’s the main reason we as women end up in conflict with each other.


Females have worked tirelessly for decades to get to where we are in todays society regarding feminism and equality. But, unfortunately we still have a hell of a long way to go. If theres one reason everyone should be a feminist, it’s for the sake of the other women that worked so hard to get to where we are today. Without there work, our progress would be no where near where it stands today.

A Complement Costs Nothing 

Much like that famous phrase manners cost nothing, but complements cost nothing either. Next time you go out, I challenge you to complement another women. I can guarantee it will put a smile on her face. And restore her faith, that actually, girls are great.

Feminism has been a topic of discussion for decades now, and it wasn’t until recently that I started to establish where I stand within the movement. I’m learning more and more with each article I read, each book I pick up and each female I talk to. The movement towards a world where everyone is equal. Where women support other women. It’s an amazing thought. And we are closer than ever to achieving this.

All my love,

Han xx

2 thoughts on “Girl Power: Why Women Need to Support Other Women

  1. I love seeing this! Girls should always support girls. There’s too much judgment as it is. I just wrote a little something on girl love also, please check it out.

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