5 Reasons Valentines Day Is BS

Is there a scrooge of Valentines Day? If so, I’ll happily wear that title with pride. If you haven’t gathered already, I hate valentines day. Overrated. Over priced. Exceedingly High Expectations. And probably the only good thing to come out of it is the chocolate and what goes on after you’ve arrive home from your overpriced dinner with your partner.

I don’t know what it is about the holiday, but I cannot stand it. In all honesty I thought this would change when I got into a relationship, but I can in-fact confirm, it hasn’t. Even during secondary school, I hated it. I was never the girl to receive anything. Probably because my glo up wasn’t until year 11. And I also straight up refused to talk to boys up until about year 10 – might I add this only started because of one very messy house party, that, one I’ll never live down, and two, gave me no choice to start talking to boys.

Anyway. If you’re like me and hate the heart shaped holiday, regardless of your relationship status, I recon you’ll like this one. Also, did a bit of digging before writing this post, and turns out the rate of brake-ups sky rocket straight after valentines. My advice? Dominos and Netflix. No overpriced dinners that wouldn’t fill up a mouse, no high gift expectations and no awkward encounters with other couples.

Here’s just some of the reasons I’ve always been empowered to avoid the holiday. (Apart from when I was 7 and my ‘boyfriend’ bought me a teddy and chocolates, that was kind of cute. Not the point though).

It Can Trigger Anxiety and Depressive Thoughts 

Anxiety is a bitch at the best of times, let alone when the expectations of impressing your partner are sky high. Any celebration where gifts are involved – birthdays and Christmas – my anxiety sky rockets when it comes to gift giving, because I want to get it perfect. I could do without another day of the year with gift buying induced anxiety. Not only this, but if your single and surrounded by couples, it can start to make you think you unworthy of that happiness. With the great or not so great gift of social media, all of these seemingly happy couples are shoved in your face left right and centre, whether you like it or not.

It Can Get You Majorly Out Of Pocket 

Lets face it, in retrospect Christmas wasn’t even that long ago, so our bank accounts are probably all slightly sore after that spending spree, that it could probably do without the added pressure of valentines day too. Enjoy your typical Thursday, without having to fork out for a meal that probably costs you double, because, well, the restaurant know you’ll pay it.

It Reinforces Outdated Gender Roles 

Oh don’t even get me started on this one. I can feel my inner feminist starting to rage. I’ve never stuck to typical gender roles in a relationship. They are old fashioned, and frankly a load of BS. I’m never going to expect my partner to pay for an evening out, just because he’s a man. I’m never going to expect gifts, because he’s a man. Of course all of that stuff is nice, but its outdated. We live in an age where gender equality is the phrase on virtually everyones lips, but valentines day just reenforces the long road we still have ahead of us – in terms of equality between men and women.

It’s Not Like The Movies 

You know the ones I’m talking about, where the guy rocks up, he has some eccentric way of telling his other half how much he loves her. Or he lights the house with hundreds of candles leading up to the bedroom and then the bed is covered in roses. I mean lets start with the fact I’d never trust my boyfriend with lighting candles anyway. Regardless of that, I’ve never come across one couple that have had a movie style valentines day. If your partner showers you with gifts the other 364 days of the year, then good on them. But if not, it’s not realistic for them to change for one day of the year. It creates false expectations.

Lastly, It’s Basically Just A Massive Stress 

I mean if my reasons so far haven’t convinced you, then how about it’s basically just one big massive unnecessary stress. I’m all about leading a fairly easy going life, minimal stress, nothing causing me unnecessary worry. So maybe thats why I hate valentines day so much. I don’t like stress. I don’t want to have to worry about impressing my partner and he shouldn’t either. I would much rather, sit in, crack open a bottle of rose and eat pizza. My kind of night.

This year, I’m spending my valentines day in Paris – the city of love, ironic, I know. But I’m going with my girls, so it’s a GALentines day this year. Sightseeing and eating my bodyweight in croissants. I can’t bloody wait.

What’s your take on valentines day and are you celebrating it this year?!

All my love,

Han xx

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