Staying Motivated As A Blogger

I was recently having a conversation with one of my blogger pals, when the topic of motivation within blogging was raised. Blogging is hard work, it’s a difficult industry to get your foot in the door of. Which ultimately, at times is de-motivating.

Staying motivated when you’re constantly comparing yourself to other bloggers and their progress is a hard task. It’s never nice seeing other people receive ‘exciting emails’ all the time, when the only exciting email you receive is one where they’ve spelt your name wrong, and they’re offering you a discount to promote their products. PSA to brands, this isn’t a collaboration, and most bloggers who value their work aren’t interested. Anyway, I digress.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that sometimes finding the motivation to blog is difficult. I wanted to create a post that will hopefully help anyone else struggling with the bloggers block, is this a thing?? If not, we should totally make it, a thing.

Be Positive 

The first one is one that I admittedly, used to be (probs still am sometimes) quite shit at. If I wasn’t getting the views, I was a negative Nora. However, being positive really does make a differnce in your motivation. Not only this, but that whole cliche saying, that you attract the vibes you put out is totally true. People are more interested in what you have to say when you have a more positive out look. (I wrote a whole post on Visualising Positivity, which you should definitely check out, after reading this of course).

A quick little add on from this, attracting positive feedback and friendships form your blog is also a saviour when it comes to finding your mojo again. Respond to your friendly comments, get the conversation going and hey presto, you have a new blogging pal too. Winner winner chicken dinner. 

Turn Blogging Into A Habit

As much as blogging is a hobby that we all enjoy, at least I hope so. If you don’t, I suggest you stop. But I found it helpful to turn blogging into more of a habit. I created a schedule for when I wanted to post – Sundays and Wednesdays and knowing that I wanted to have a post up on these particular days always motivated me to want to write. I knew people were returning to my blog, so of course I wanted to create new content for them to see.

Blogging Inspiration 

Coming up with content ideas is often half the battle when it comes to blogging. The other half is actually sitting down to write the post and not getting distracted – oh whats that, another dog meme? If ever I’m lacking in motivation I’ll hop onto twitter to read (and spread the love) on all of my friends amazing posts. This often gives me the kick up the butt I need – I’m one of those people that loves seeing others do well, not only this, but it also pushes me to want to do well! Again, Pinterest, I go on about it a lot, I know, but always handy when looking for blog inspiration.

Interact With Other Bloggers 

Ever since starting my blog nearly 2 years ago (sorry, where has the time gone?), I’ve made some of the most wonderful friends. Being part of a community like the blogging one, means that there is always someone there to chat to, who has at least one common interest with you. Writing. Engage with twitter threads, comment on other peoples posts, spreading the positivity you want to receive on your posts, will ultimately attract it. Building a relationship with other people in the community will also mean that you have a solid group of people upping your stats, motivated to write yet?

Find Your Niche 

I use the term niche lightly, because in all honesty I don’t think you necessarily need a niche to have a successful blog. Take a look at me, who knows whether your going to get a post about my blogging tips, or how I have no clue what I’m doing with my life and I’m mid melt down. Adds to the excitement right. But write about what you enjoy. I guess this is the most important tip I can give you. If you don’t enjoy the content you’re putting out there, not only will you not have the motivation to write, but believe me when I tell you your audience won’t enjoy the content. Period.

I still struggle to find the motivation for  blogging sometimes, because although I absolutely love it, and the opportunities it brings my way, it’s bloody hard work. Especially whilst studying full time for a degree and working and trying to start up a little side hustle. However, I’m passionate about what I do, so I’ll reap the rewards soon, I’m sure.

But for now, I hope these tips have been helpful if you’re struggling with the bloggers block (so totally a thing now). And you’ll be well on your way to finding your mojo again soon!

All my love,

Han xx

13 thoughts on “Staying Motivated As A Blogger

  1. love this, I feel like I can relate to this post so much, sometimes I just fall into a slump with blogging and it really gets me down, but at the same time I feel like that’s normal, I guess you can’t be motivated every single day! I agree that connecting with others in the community is the best thing to do, I swear Twitter is the best place ever if you need help/advice or even just a chat! xx

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