20 Things To Do Before 20

It hit me the other day that 2019 is the year that I leave my teens behind and turn 20. bloody terrifying, I swear I was only turning 13, like yesterday? Anyway, I wanted to make the most out of the last few months of being a teenager before I actually have to start acting like a real adult.

I probably should have got this post up back in August when I turned 19, but that never happened, which means I’ve now only got 7 months to complete everything on my bucket lis, lets go…

Treat Myself To A New Underwear Set

I’m the worst at treating myself to new underwear and I won’t lie I’m still in the same bras that I was wearing when I was 14 – proud member of the IBTC. However, I want to buy a matching set, that fits like a dream and makes me feel a million dollars. Think I might have to enlist the help of my underwear design friends to point me in the right direction for this one…

Revamp My Hair 

I’ve had the same hair style for years now, when I was about 16, I cut my princess hair off and decided to get a bob (I still to this day don’t know what possessed me to do this), but I’ve not really done anything drastic to my hair since. I want to go an ashier blonde and possibly a new cut too if I’m feeling extra adventurous (might be a step too far tho)

Finish My Second Year At University 

All goes to plan, I should be finishing my second year at university in May, something that absolutely terrifies me, but excites me at the same time!

Make My Own Gin 

Something that I have wanted to do for the longest time now! Gin has quickly become my favourite spirit, pink gin, of course. Being such a versatile spirit I can’t wait to have an experiment with different flavours that I can create!


Read At Leas 8 Books 

If you read my New Years resolutions post, you will know that my aim was to read at least one book a month – a realistic target as I really don’t get much time to read. Being an August baby, if all goes to plan, I will have hopefully read 8 books by the time I turn 20! I’ve recently been loving self help and feminism books!

Get A Massage 

If you didn’t know, I’m getting a degree in textile design, specialising in Fashion Knitwear – this means I spend hours and hours hunched over in front of a knitting machine, which has consequently given me awful back pains. I think a good massage at the end of the academic year is just what I need!

Go To A Festival 

I love a good festival. I’m hoping this year to attend Reading with my best pal – I’ve wanted to go to Reading for years, but it tends to fall on when my family go away. However, this year, we aren’t going away as a family, which means that Reading is deffo on the cards!

Visit Sky Gardens – London 

Another thing that I have wanted to do for a very long time – I’m hoping to have a weekend away in London for my birthday this year, and fingers crossed, will be visiting the Sky Gardens on my 20th!


Update My Blog Theme 

I’ve wanted a new theme for a while now, I’ve seen so many beautiful blog themes on Pipdig recently, so I think it’s time that I treat myself to one!

Buy A Power Outfit

I really don’t need any more clothes, but any excuse to shop. You know the outfit that makes you feel ready to take on the world, this is the outfit that I want to invest in.

Implement More Self Care Into My Routine 

I’m still terrible at including self care into my daily routine, it’s something I really need to work on. Even if it’s spending half an hour reading, or painting my nails. I always notice and improvement in my mood when I take some time out for myself.

Reach 2k Instagram Followers

Probably one of the less realistic goals, seeing as Instagram is possibly the hardest social media to grow on. But I’m willing to put in the work to get myself there. PS if you aren’t already, feel free to give me a follow!

Go On A Couples Holiday 

Still in the pipeline at the moment, but I’m currently planning to go away with my boyfriend this summer which I’m ridiculously excited for. Not only to spend time away with him, but I’ve also not been abroad for 10 years now, so it’s about time I started seeing more of the world!

Run A Half Marathon 

I’ve been running for 3 years now and since starting back in 2015, my main goal was to be able to run a half marathon, I think I’ve now built up the confidence to finally apply for one. I know I’ve got it in my legs, but finding the balls to actually apply for one has been a struggle until now.

Have A Movie Marathon 

From actual marathons to movie marathons. I have a confession, I’m the worst when it comes to movies, like I’ve seen barely any of the classics. I think its about time that I sat down and binged watch some of the most well known ones, then I might actually be able to join in with movie chat when it arises in conversation!


Draw More

This one might have to take a bit of a back seat until summer, but prior to starting university I used to spend hours and hours tattoo designing, but since starting my studies I’ve had no time to do so. I want to create time for me to rekindle my love for drawing again.

Get Work Experience 

If I’m unable to get a placement year next year, over the summer I would love to get some work experience in the media/digital sector. There are a few local companies that I have recently looked into – so fingers crossed!

Get A New 10k PB

Ever since I started running, every year I’ve managed to hit a new 10K PB. Last year it was 44 minutes, lets see if I can smash 43 minutes during race season this year!

Go Self Hosted With My Blog 

Another thing that has been on my to-do list for ages now, but in all honesty I don’t think I’m tech savvy enough to work this one out alone! So if anyone has any tips on going self hosted, feel free to send them my way!

Go Day Drinking 

Probably not the best idea that I have ever had, seeing as it only really take 2 martinis to get me a bit jolly. But my best friend and I have said for a while now that we want to go day drinking, in either Portsmouth or Brighton!

And that concludes my bucket list of things to get done before I turn 20, what to we recon the chances of me getting all of this done are?!

All my love,

Han xx

8 thoughts on “20 Things To Do Before 20

  1. Aww reading this post was so lovely! I also can’t believe you’re only 20 this year! I’m 24 and freaking out ahha! I hope you achieve them all – I’m sure you will!
    Liz x

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