The Lady In Red

Okay, so I’ve come to the conclusion this week that the bare ankles have to go, and the biker jackets need to be packed away until spring. A sad day for us all.

Throughout December I was in denial about it being cold and having to put skin away, but now the time has come, winter is officially here for all us in the UK – I think it’s safe to say it’s hit us like a tonne of bricks.

Call me crazy, but I swear December wasn’t even that cold??

Anyway, January has been absolutely artic – the kind of weather that makes your lips turn blue and your fingertips go numb, that kind. Having to restrain myself from leaving the flat still dressed in my dressing gown (apparently thats frowned upon) or chucking on a snow suit; does anyone actually own one of these??

It was time for the teddy bear coat to be whipped out and put to good use. This red jacket (of course it’s red, this will come of no shock to my loyal readers), the jacket of dreams we’ll call it, because it is quite literally the jacket of my dreams. Had been on my wish-list for months, I was jeering myself up to splash the cash when Mum suggested I add it to my Christmas list. Low and behold, Santa did good this year.


Not only has the coat of dreams been keeping me warm (I’m not so sad about having to say goodbye to the biker jackets now), but it’s what I like to think as my power jacket. Pop this on and I feel ready to take on the world. Slightly dramatic, Han. But in all seriousness, when it comes to fashion it’s mega important to wear what you feel good in – and this outfit does exactly that. My not so confident self, feels confident, shock.

Forgive me, as I feel slightly repetitive here, but the jacket is from River Island – I just love the brand so much, they never fail to come out with some gorgeous pieces, particularly this time of year. They’ve bought colour and texture into the mix, lending itself well to styling. Which I love. It only seemed right that the power jacket was paired with my power boots, also from RI – these have literally not left my feet since Christmas Day, and probably won’t be for the foreseeable future.


Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve done a styling post, but this one just had to be done. What are the current power pieces in your wardrobe?

The Look: 

All my love,

Han xx

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