2018 Reflection

2018 has sort of been one of those blink and you miss it kind of years. Although like the majority of the population I started off 2018 saying that I was going to make it my year, lets just say that didn’t happen. Even though 2018 hasn’t been my year, I’ve experienced a lot nonetheless and I’ve come out the other end a happier and stronger person, both physically and mentally. What better way than to round it all off in a blog post! Happy New Year to you all, I hope you are spending this evening with the people that mean most to you!

January – Kheils Event 

January always seems like the longest month of the year, which for me it was. I didn’t feel great mentally, I wasn’t happy and I was very lost. I did, however get invited to my first ever blogging event – a big deal for me. I attended the Kheils event in Nottingham, letting me network and meet a tonne of lovely other bloggers.


February – Snow

February was much like January, I still felt like crap – but avoided dealing with it. The snow did cheer me up though, it’s not often we get snow in the UK so I made the most of it, turning blue just to get a good photo for the gram!


March – A visit from the parents 

Still snowing, but that didn’t stop my parents from travelling half way up the country to come visit me for the weekend. This visit had a massive impact on my year as it was now that I decided I wanted to come home from uni (don’t worry, I went back). I was at probably the lowest point in my year and quite frankly just wanted to sit at home and feel sorry for myself – which I did until I got bored and told myself to get my sh*t together.


April – New Job 

I hated the part time job I was currently in, also with me being home from university I kind of needed something a bit more permanent. So I got a job as a waitress in my local pub, which I still work at now when I’m back from university – I love it there. I work with an amazing group of people and I don’t want to sound dramatic, but I think this job really helped save my mental health a bit. I watched my confidence and self belief blossom and it was an amazing thing to see.


May – Blossoms 

With things starting to look up slightly, May saw me go to see my favourite band at the O2 Academy in Kentish Town. I had the time of my life singing my little heart out, shock, I also cried. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I see one of my favourite bands live, it’s pretty much a given that I’ll end up crying at some point, with happiness of course!

June – New 10K PB 

I sound like a broken record by this point, but running also saved me. Hitting a new PB in June at the Worthing 10K race really gave me the confidence boost I needed, that I am more than capable of hitting my targets. Also, this month I got my ass into gear and decided I was going back to university, to finish what I had started.


July – Truck Festival 

One thing that I regret this year is not going to more festivals. However I did go to Truck festival and had an absolute blast. Truck landed on one of the hottest weekends of the year which made the experience even better – what more could I want then to spend a weekend seeing my favourite bands and drinking in the sun?!


August – 19th Birthday Celebrations 

I finally turned 19!! It had been a long time coming, being an August baby – but I had a fab night out in Brighton with all of my best pals. Not only this, but it was my leaving night out too, before I went back to university! I was overwhelmed with happiness and gratefulness for having such a wonderful group of friends to make memories with.


September – I Moved Back Out 

Something that in March, didn’t even seem possible. But at the end of September, I finally moved back out to university. I got my ass into gear, and started conquering my anxieties day by day. September was a good month.


October – Freshers 

The first 2 weeks spent in my new flat were spent with all my university friends attending various different freshers events. I also attended my first ever rave, and well, it was an experience…character building shall we say??

2018-09-26 14:37:30.6632018-09-24 03:54:40.725IMG_22422018-09-24 03:54:41.526

November – Courteeners 

Another one of my favourite bands is the Courtenners, who I had previously already seen at Truck Festival. But seeing them again was just as good as the first time – I also got to see Gerry Cinnamon live, and fell in love, literally.


December – Blossoms, Christmas & Lots Of Fun 

December has been a lovely month – I came back from university for the Christmas break, I’ve taken time for myself and not worried about work, we can do that in the new year! I’ve seen Blossoms for the second time this year, I’ve spent time with my loved ones who I hadn’t seen in months, nights out with my best friends and overall creating lots of memories!

So what started off as a fairly dire year actually started to pick up about half way through. If there’s one thing that I am proud of myself for this year its’s for getting my mental health into a much better state. I’ll never be fully recovered and my mental health is part of my personality, but being able to control it really has made me a much stronger person!

What are the highlights of your year?!

All my love,

Han xx


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