Blogging Goals For 2019

This year I’m looking to seriously get my ass when into gear, regarding blogging. I’ve been part of the community for around a year and a half now – which up until now, blogging has more so just been a hobby. However, this year, I want to turn it into my own business. After gaining recognition over the previous year from brands and management, I’ve had a taste of what it’s like to turn your hobby into an income, and I love it.

Blogging, for me, is a lot of fun. Nonetheless, it’s still important to set myself SMART goals, so that I am always working towards something and bettering myself. It helps me to streamline my efforts and have a key focus, so that essentially, I don’t end up wasting time.

So here are some goals that I will be focusing on throughout the next year – all achievable – an important factor when setting goals that you want to achieve.


Double My Blog Traffic 

This is probably one of the most realistic ones as I’ve already done it throughout 2018. But, I want to continue to do this throughout 2019 – building a trusted audience and increasing my blog traffic day by day.

Go Self Hosted 

I’ve wanted to go self hosted with my blog for months now – I think having my own domain looks more professional to perspective collaborations, but also just in general. The price, however, has been the one thing that’s been holding me back from doing so – fingers crossed, this time next year, I’ll be writing from my own self hosted blog!

Go To More Blogging Events

Annoyingly, this year I was invited to a handful of blogging events, that I had to turn down, mainly due to my anxiety coming in to play. I’m now conquering my anxiety day by day, to attend a blogging event by myself is definitely next on my list!

Brand Myself

Part of running any successful social media platforms is having a brand that is very personal. This is something I have achieved on my blog and twitter, but not so much Instagram. I want to prioritise getting Instagram slightly more this year, focussing on posting good quality, engaging content – hopefully helping to drive more traffic to my blog.

Navigate My Way Around Pinterest

I think every blogger ever knows how to use Pinterest for their blog, that is with the exception of me though. I haven’t got the foggiest idea of how Pinterest works. I’ve heard that it does wonders for your blog, so this year, I will read up on it as much as possible and hopefully learn how to effectively use the platform!

Interact More 

I’m literally the worst at interacting with other blogs, something I really need to work on. Finding the time to comment on other peoples blogs and interact is hard enough as it is, let alone trying to balance it alongside a degree and work. I’m aiming to dedicate at least half an hour, if not more, every evening to interacting with you all. It’s such a wonderful community, filled with such friendly people, so getting to know you all better is definitely a priority of mine!

Increasing My Audience 

This is across all my platforms. I know numbers shouldn’t matter when it comes to blogging, as we are all doing it because we enjoy it, but it’s hard not to get caught up in it all. So I have set myself some follower goals that I will hopefully achieve by the end of the year.

Twitter: 3000

Instagram: 2000

WordPress: 600

Lastly, Keep Doing What I Love

The most important one of all. Never forget why I started up my little corner on the internet. Keep writing, keep creating and keep believing in yourself.

What are your blogging goals over the next year?!

All my love,

Han xx

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